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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 14 March 2018 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Rabitrup – SWVMPS II The Xroadie Files Locks has lots of weird spacey tripping industrial beats and sounds.  Phantoms slow building synths and sounds that turns into industrial dissonance.  Walls takes you into the abyss and swirls around your very essence.
Sarah Schonert – Penguin Party The Xroadie Files Sarah Schonert – Vocals/Keyboards
Astound Me very popish with lots of melodies and poppy vocals.  Tree With Feet keys that are just poppy and melodic with some excellent vocals.  Queen of Panels get ready to just relax and drift with the music and soaring vocals.  Queen Of Panels Outro has lots of almost new age style melodies.  Penguin Party strange synth sounds that melds with an almost jazz influence that takes you on a strange trip.  Listen Soak Repeat weird percussion spoken word and strange melodies takes you on a very weird trip.  I Can’t Think Straight synths that worm their way into your brain and do bizarre things.  Glacier Drive get ready to sit back relax and just trip away to the melodies.  Irrelevant weird moving melodic keys and synths and poppy vocals with some strange percussion.  NonCrystalline an almost Jazz meets lounge music with some emotional vocals.  Overdriving Headlights keys and melodies that just trip away.  You Still Awake takes you away to a simpler time and place.  Get Thee To A Nunnery Kick back and slowly trip away the time with strange melodies.
Shambles – Primitive Death Trance The Xroadie Files Daemon dark plodding dreary death metal that just worms its way up your spine and into your brain crushing as it goes.  Dismal Pantheons full force in your face brutal death metal that just annihilates.  Illusion Of The Void grinding pounding ripping and tearing at your very soul death metal.  Primitive Death Trance chainsaw guitars deep growling vocals and demonic overtones from hell. 

Snowchild – Age of Change The Xroadie Files Larry Donaldson – Bass/Vocals, Dustin Roberts – Guitar, Chad Duncan – Drums
Age of Change slightly over 9 minutes of slow stoner rock that just plows its way thru time and space with a very Sabbath feel to it.  Born in Flames almost 10 minutes for strange melodic sounds and a very strange trip thru your mind with some searing guitar.  Kings of Koch great Sabbath style Geezer Bass tones that slowly moves it way to almost mid–tempo and back with great Ozzy style vocals and screaming lead guitar.  Boudica pounding drums and heavy riffs that just grab you and take you away on a trip thru the heyday of stoner rock and Sabbath.

Sonic Prophecy – Savage Gods The Xroadie Files Shane Provstgaard – Vocals, Darrin Goodman – Guitar, Sebastian Martin – Guitar, Ron Zemanek – Bass, Matt Lefevre – Drums
Savage Gods slow building metal riffs then a driving power metal riff and screaming guitars with very powerful vocals.Night Terror eerie melodic guitars pounding drums rumbling bass and soaring vocals that just make you wanna scream along. Unholy Blood speed power metal with screaming leads and vocals that reach the heavens. Dreaming Of The Storm a fist pumping foot tapping metal riff that will have the entire crowd head banging along to it.Man The Guns has a great riff that just has you getting fully into the metal riff awesome bass pounding drums and screaming vocals. Walk Through The Fire starts with some excellent mellow guitars and bass then a soaring guitar lead that is full of emotions and drums that will have you playing along.A Prayer Before Battle has the battle horns blaring then a fist pumping metal riff with some excellent lead guitar add the power metal vocals and its one great song to jam to. Iron Clad Heart speed power metal at its finest lots of speed aggression and melody to take you away and feel as if you can take on the world and win. Man And Machine slowly building then a fist pumping song that would be great to listen to while driving down the open road. Chasing The Horizon guitars getting louder drums and bass melding in fist pumping rhythms and soaring vocals a metal head dream song.  


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