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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 31 January 2018 by Ripplemusic

Grafvitnir – Keys To The Mysteries Beyond The Xroadie Files Niantiel – Modrius, Tishin
Nidhogg sounds of a storm winds blowing then a blast from hell as the band unleashes all its fury.Keys To The Mysteries Beyond sounds of evil unleashed with a fury that just rips your head off. Vargavinter wolves howling sounds of evil chasing you from everywhere and vocals from a demons’ mouth.  Crossing the Abyss slowly building total darkness and eerie sounds.  Eternity’s Glistening Black grinding ruitar riffs demonic vocals and blast beats from the underworld.  Journey Into Storms strange and eerie sounds slowly building all around you.  Unleash The Storm Of Nothingness then a blast in the face of pure fury and hatred.  Eye Of Lucifer evil intent on ripping your very soul apart.Whispers Of The Primordial Sea grinding guitar trying to chainsaw you in half and devour you.Glimpses of The Unseeable grinding riffs blasting drums and vocals from the pit of hell.

Into The Storm / Smooth Sailing – Split The Xroadie Files Into the Storm
Murder Murder Murderfast pounding in your face metal that just pummels you into the ground.So How Do You Explain All The D slow plodding melancholy music that just drags you down into the nothingness before pounding you to dust.
Smooth Sailing
4599272 punk style guitar riffs and vocals that just take you away to a pit moshing away.  Stevie Ray Oiye a strange trip with many weird riffs and growling vocals.  Ryler Tomo more of a blues based guitar intro with punk influences.  Hey Girl Egg Roll David Grohl fast pounding in your face riffs and yelling style vocals.
Escape is Not Freedom/ dusK Village – Split The Xroadie Files Escape Is Not Freedom
Mike – Guitar/Vocals, Darrin – Drums, Josh – Bass, Emily Jancetic – Guest Vocals
Boiling Nails slow grinding driving chainsaw like riffs and yelling vocals with a little melody.  We’re Wrecked a slow melodic song that plods along and slowly builds heavier and melodic with female vocals.
dusK Village
Slav, Gils, Fuks
Exolife Civilization Leak is a slow driving evil sounding song with dark deep vocal.A Self Fan is a punk style of song with riffs that will make a pit start going strong.

Ozone Mama – Cosmos Calling The Xroadie Files Marton Szekely – Vocals, Andras Gabor – Guitar, Gergely Donos – Bass, Mate Gulyas – Drums
Evil Ways has strange mid=eastern guitar sound then a more classic guitar with some fuzzy vocals.Straight On Till Morning Light take a trip to the 70s with some excellent harmonies and a southern rock feel.  Doppelganger has a excellent hard rock riff that will get your feet movin and vocals that will have you singing along.  High Ride get in your car crank up this tune and just speed along down the highway and enjoy.  Feel So Alive another song that will have you movin and grooving to the beat has sort of a Hendrix feel.Shout At The Sky slow and bluesy and full of soul.  Cosmos Calling a slow beat bluesy psychedelic guitar and excellent vocals to sing along to lots of emotion.  Freedom Fighters has one of those excellent 70s hard rock riffs, excellent drum beats and great vocals get ready to rock out.Cold Light Of Day another great song to play while driving down the highway and just jam away the miles.The Alchemist a fist pumping foot stomping hard rock song that you will really get into with a few tempo changes.  Moon Pilot has a Cream style of beat and guitar riff with lots of great musicianship kick back close your eyes and enjoy.  

Summoning – With Doom We Come The Xroadie Files Protector Richard Lederer – Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar/Drum Programming, Silenius Michael Gregor – Vocals/Keyboards/Bass
Tar-Calion pounding drums spoken words and grinding guitars that follow you with evil intent and a few tempo changes.  Silvertine takes you off to the sands of the middle eastern countries and add a rough chainsaw style guitar then adds some monk chants and screaming demonic vocals.  Carcharoth is slightly over nine minutes of just pure doom and gloom dragging you down into the black abyss. Herumor has some melody and melancholy emotions with the dark vocals from the deepest abyss. Barrow-Downs has a Therion influences sound with lots of mixed textures and emotions.Night Fell Behind has grinding guitars thundering drums and dark demonic vocals.  Mirklands slowly builds with piano then grinding guitar it slowly takes you over and makes you take a slow walk into hell itself.With Doom I Come evil rising from the open wounds of the earth and armies of dead coming forth to devour the earth and all living things.


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