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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 07 December 2017 by Ripplemusic

Lady Beast – Vicious Breed The Xroadie Files Deborah Levine- Vocals, Andy Ramage – Guitar, Chris Tritschler – Guitar, Greg Colaizzi – Bass, Adam Ramage – Drums
Seal The Hex has some great acoustic guitar and orchestration then a Judas Priest style of riff that just gets you fist pumpin' and some dual lead guitars that are great then a speed metal rhythm with some very powerful female vocals that remind me of Zed Yago. The Long Way is just pure metal at its finest, fist pumping head banging metal with soaring vocals and screaming guitars. Lone Hunter will have you doing air guitar or drums and would be awesome live to just rock out to. Always With Me has a riff that sticks in your head for days and an awesome bass and drums that just makes you want to hear more along with the soaring vocals reminding me of Hellion. Get Out is speed metal in all its glory, fast and heavy but still melodic. Every Giant Shall Fall has an Iron Maiden style of rhythm like the sounds of thundering horses and vocals that reach your very soul. Sky Graves slow and melodic guitars and a crash of cymbals then a plodding riff that is very soulful along with some excellent guitar that builds in intensity till the end with scorching guitars. Vicious Breed is Overkill meets Iron Maiden, fast and heavy but with melody and lots of great fist pumping metal riffs.

The Obsessed – The Obsessed (Reissue) with Bonus – Concrete Cancer demo cassette and Live At The Bayou 4/15/1985 The Xroadie Files Scott Wino Weinreich -Guitar /Vocals, Reid Raley – Bass/Vocals, Brian Costantino – Drums/Vocals
Tombstone Highway is excellent stoner rock originally from 1990 with lots of emotion and it has sort of a Mahogany Rush flavor to it with searing guitars. The Way She Fly dark and dreary with lots of dark emotion and a slow heavy beat. Forever Midnight is very soulful in a Hendrix sort of way with some excellent bluesy guitar and a very solid rhythm section. Ground Out scorching guitar that will have you playing air guitar and a solid heavy pounding riff. Fear Child is a very Sabbath/Zeppelin style of riff with some great twists and turns. Freedom is a Dio era Sabbath style of riff and solid beat with some amazing bass and scorching guitars which turns into an Ozzy style of song. Red Disaster mixes Sabbath with stoner rock and some acid rock and you will have this. Inner Turmoil is slow, steady, and pounding. Get ready to just kick back and drift along with this rhythm. River Of Soul reminds me of some of the older Trouble songs slow and pounding working its way down the road.
Concrete Cancer Demo – Concrete Cancer is excellent stoner Sabbath feeling music that takes your brain on a strange trip. Feelingz has a sort of garage band meets stoner rock meets heavy metal with some feeling like Highway Star by Deep Purple along with some ripping guitar. Mental Kingdom excellent drumming with freak guitar work and a solid bass that rumbles your brain. Sit back and enjoy. Hiding Masque slow melodic acoustic guitar melds it way into your hearing then a riff that catches your attention and stays for a while.
Live At The Bayou (4/15/1985)-Ground Out/Feelingz get ready to check out the Obsessed live and in your face tripping through time and space with some excellent stoner rock. Concrete Cancer will have the entire crowd head banging to the metal riff and fist pumping along. No Blame is a punk meets metal style of song that will leave you wanting more. Mental Kingdom will have you playing air drums and riffing your head off with a Hendrix meets Sabbath feel. Tombstone Highway guitars tuning and a rhythm that just takes you driving down the highway. Iron And Stone is almost speed metal with some amazing guitar and pounding drums that has a bass that just helps keep up the pace.River Of Soul is slow and steady with lots of dark emotions that just tries to steal away your very soul. Sitting on a Grave / I Don’t Care this will have the entire crowd jumping and moving around to the beat. Freedom deep bass that gets the rhythm rolling along with some excellent drums that make you want to air drum. Indestroy/Kill Ugly Naked is thrash speed metal grinding and pounding its way into your very psyche.

Pale Mare – Pale Mare The Xroadie Files Eytan Gordan – Guitar Vocals, Tommy Gervais – Bass/Vocals, Luke Roberts – Drums
Carthage fast in your face heavy stoner rock with lots of grinding guitars solid heavy bass and drums dark yelling screaming vocals.Descolada heavy rumbling bass, a fast drum beat and riffing guitars with more dark rough vocals. Hoplite starts slow and steady then kicks in to run you over with thrash/stoner death metal intensity.

Tuskar – Arianrhod The Xroadie Files Tylar Hodges – Vocals/Drums, Tim Dimmock- Guitar
Fateweaver guitar feedback, pounding drums and guitars that scream and wail and lots of strange sounds. Where Strides The Colossus slow grinding rough rhythms that slowly push you over the abyss with yelling vocals. Toegrinder heavy pounding ripping guitars and then it slows down then dark gruff vocals. Moon Hooch more feedback and rough riffs slow and steady like being run over by a steam roller. Crimson Skull strange melodic sounds then a pounding beat that just tries to sneak around you and then push you over a cliff.

Bigfoot - Bigfoot The Xroadie Files Anthony Ellis – Vocals, Sam Millar – Guitar, Mick McCullagh – Guitar, Matt Avery – Bass, Tom Aspinall - Drums
Karma has a Dream Theater meets Scorpions feel to the riff and some very powerful vocals that are easy to sing along to. The Fear is a great song to drive down the highway to with some emotional vocals and awesome rhythm and soaring guitar. Tell Me A Lie is a fast blues based style of head banging riff that makes you want to fist pump and mover from the very first note. Forever Alone starts with very melodic guitar and very emotional vocals then slowly gets heavier becoming a great power ballad. Eat Your Words more awesome blues based hard rock with a beat that will have your feet a movin and grooving. Prisoner Of War has sort of a southern rock style of guitar reminds me of Blackfoot mixed with Tyketto.Freak Show is a straight ahead hard rock metal song with lots of great rhythm section work and a voice that just seems to send you many places of excellence.I Dare You gets your body to grooving and your feet to tapping with a very catchy riff with an awesome sing along vocal and scorching guitar. The Devil In Me is more southern rock meets hard rock with vocals that just soar and a riff that stays with you almost forever and lead guitar that just sings. Uninvited will have the entire crowd jumpin and fist pumping as well as singing along. Yours slow melodic bass and great heartfelt vocals then a riff that makes you sway and slowly builds to a crescendo.


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