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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 03 December 2017 by Ripplemusic

Defecto – Nemesis  The Xroadie Files Nicklas Sonne – Vocals/Guitar, Frederik Moller – Guitar, Thomas Bartholin – Bass, Lars Jensen - Drums
The Final Night Of Silence is a slowly building classical style intro into Nemesis.Nemesis is dark and brooding with an excellent riff and great vocals. Awesome shredding guitars. Endlessly Falling has an excellent heavy ripping guitar riff with more soaring vocals that remind me of Khan that used to be with Kamelot.Savage has a blues based riff with some great playing from the drums and bass along with the ever present awesome vocals kind of like a progressive heavy Gotthard. The Nameless Apparition is more of a heavy thrash progressive song that would be great to start a fist pump going and headbanging. The Sacrificed melodic keys heartfelt vocals continue thru the song. Ode To The Damned acoustic guitar and the sounds of wind blowing then an awesome guitar then the rest of the band kicks in with a very excellent rhythm and a few time changes. Gravity just heavy straight forward Led Zeppelin influenced heavy metal with more scorching guitar. Ablaze is a very Dream Theater influenced song with some dark vocals added. Before The Veil a head banging fist pumping riff that will have the entire crowd moving and grooving.We’re All The Enemy air raid sirens fill the air then a heavy fast almost speed metal rhythm and grinding guitar with gruff and melodic mixed vocals. Ascend To Heaven melodic keys and more soulful vocals that slowly builds into one epic progressive number going back and forth from slow to fast. This is one excellent prog metal album.

DR Gonzo And The Cheesy Boys – The Witch The Xroadie Files Mattia Montenergi – Drums, Emil Quattrini – Keyboards, Carlo Barabaschi – Guitar, Filippo Cavalli – Bass
The Witch Side A & B – Side A starts with some very Rick Wakeman influencedkeyboards and sounds that take you back to the days of the psychedelic 70’s then more of a Pink Floyd influence moves in. Sit back, close your eyes and be ready to take a trip through your mind as a Deep Purple influence sneaks into the music with maybe some early Uriah Heep as well. Almost 14 minutes of mind tripping music. Side B is a continuation of a little over 15 minutes of the trip through space and time with many prog rock influences.

Hangman – A Vile Decree The Xroadie Files Pesticide grinding heavy riff based music with a Bio Hazard feel and lots of yelling punk like vocals.Coming To is just straight ahead punk in your face rock. Abandoned has a Nuclear Assault/MOD style to the music with more yelling punk vocals. A Vile Decree is more MOD/SOD mixed with NY hardcore punk.Life Sentence has a great mosh pit rhythm a that will have the pit going crazy.

Infidel Reich – Infidel Reich The Xroadie Files Bob Bagchus, Vincent Crowley, Stijn Bogers, McNasty
Infidel Reich starts with sounds of a battle with marching drums then a riff that grabs you by the throat as it punches you in the face and vocals that just scream in your face. Quranicide full in your face hardcore punk metal with lots of aggression. Generation So Fake floor rumbling bass heavy guitar riffs and rough hardcore punk style vocals grind their way into your very being. Crush and Destroy a grinding heavy mosh pit rhythm that just slowly runs you over then the pace picks up back and forth till the end.The Overseer another slow grinding riff like old Sabbath with gruff vocals. Like being run over by a street sweeper.

LA Guns – The Missing Peace The Xroadie Files Philip Lewis – Vocals, Tracii Guns – Guitar, Johnny Martin – Bass, Michael Grant – Guitar, Shane Fitzgibbon – Drums
It’s All The Same To Me has an excellent hard rock riff that is heavy and catchy with a great rhythm section and the great vocals of Philip Lewis. Speed is a fast heavy hard rock song that will have your fist a pumping and feet a moving. A great song to drive to. A Drop Of Bleach is a straight forward metal song with a great riff pounding drums rumbling bass and great vocals and some excellent lead guitar. Sticky Fingers will take you back to the glory days of the sunset strip and heavy metal days. Christine is a power balled in the classic style. Lots of melody and excellent lead guitar and a great sing along vocal. Baby Got Fever has a very catchy riff that sticks in your head along with a sing along vocal and an extremely tight rhythm section. Kill It Or Die is a blues based heavy metal riff with some outstanding drums and bass with some interesting vocals and scorching guitar. Don’t Bring a Knife To A Gun Fight is one of those riffs that just makes you want to get out and ride fast and dangerously or just head bang too if that's what you choose.The Floods The Fault Of The Rain acoustic guitar and the sounds of thunder then a slow melodic riff and very soulful vocals then the song moves from heavy to melodic back and forth. The Devil Made Me Do It a very foot tapping drum and solid bass with a great riff and sing along vocals and searing lead guitar. The Missing Peace very nice acoustic guitar and orchestration then the heartfelt vocals come in then an awesome rhythm from the entire band. An awesome power ballad. Gave it All Away starts with soulful acoustic guitar then a slow melodic style that just warms your very soul. Close your eyes and just drift to the music. In my opinion this might just be the best album that LA Guns has ever done.

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