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Posted on the 01 November 2017 by Ripplemusic

Trucker Diablo – Fighting For Everything The Xroadie Files Tom Harte – Vocals/Guitar, Simon Haddock- Guitar, Jim McGurk- Bass, Terry Crawford- Drums
Born Trucker has a very Thin Lizzy meets The Almighty sound. Just excellent hard heavy rock. We Will Conquer All more fist pumping, foot stompin, melodic heavy metal the way it’s supposed to be played. Drowning In The Fire starts with a Cajun feel and banjo. It then kicks in keeping the Cajun feel but with an excellent metal riff. Voodoo II starts with a riff that will stick in your head then turns into a great song to drive to but be careful it might make you wanna go fast. Lets Just Ride reminds me of some of the great 70s song that just make you want to sing along to and jam. Fighting For Everything will have your feet movin from the first note and singing along. This is feel good, we will win, great music. Over The Wall grabs you and takes you for a ride up and down rollin with each riff. Detroit Steel is more excellent melodic heavy metal that just grabs you and wont let go. Die For You has an excellent drum and guitar riff intro that will have your head bangin and your fist in the air. Man these guys are freakin tight with some awesome guitar work and excellent vocals. Pocket Full Of Changes is a heavy ZZ Top blues based excellent hard rock metal. When The Waters Rise starts slowly with lots of emotional guitar and vocals then it slowly builds with a great chorus that will have you singing along and playing air guitar to the awesome leads. This is one of the best albums I have heard in a while. For fans of melodic hard rock/metal you need to get this one.

Gorilla Pulp – Heavy Lips The Xroadie Files Maurice Flee – Vocals/Guitar/Lap Steel/ Theremin/Talkbox, Choris- Bass, Angioletto Mr Vernati – Guitar, Giorgio Bulldozer Pioli – Drums/Percussion, Rebecca Backy Magri – Vocals
Bless The Moon takes you back to the days of Cream and Frijid Pink excellent blues based hard rock with lots of feeling. In Your Waters is another excellent hard riffing song that will have your foot tappin from the first beat. The Witches Twirl has sort of a Free/Bad Company feel to the music with some great vocals and guitar playing. Heavy Lips starts with a Sabbath style riff and some excellent bass/guitar playing then mix in some scorching leads. This song has it all. Cactus Killer has an excellent riff that reminds me of the Amboy Dukes mixed with Cream and Sabbath with great stoner rock vocals.Prey On Your Mind is another trip back to the 70s and some excellent jamming music with a Beatles influence. The Low Song is slow and steady with some awesome bass work and guitar feedback then an excellent riff and tight steady drums. Ape Eyes has a Pat Travers feel to the music and maybe some Jimi Hendrix and Frank Marino mixed in a great song to sing along to.

Hanging Garden - I Am Become The Xroadie Files Mikko Kolari – Guitar, Jussi Hamalainen- Guitar, Nino Hynnenin – Keyboards, Toni Toivonen – Vocals, Jussi Kirves – Bass, Sami Forssten – Drums
As Above So Below has a Sergeant Peppers influence then a Pink Floyd influence comes in with strange dark emotional vocals. Hearthfire is more of a straight forward gothic metal song with some Peter Steele style vocals. Elysium is acoustic guitar and a slow tempo with some very HIM style vocals. Our Dark Design is almost industrial meets gothic metal. Kouta has slow keyboards and dark gothic vocals that builds slowly. From Iron Shores is another industrial meets death metal meets gothic dark dreary song. One Hundred Years emotional piano slowly builds along with some synths then the bass and drums move in at a slow pace with dark gruff vocals. Forty-One Breaths acoustic guitar working its way into your soul then the band comes in dark and heavy trying to take you to the dark side. Ennen a strange drum beat and keys then guitar taking you on a very weird trip.

Firebreather – Firebreather The Xroadie Files Mattias Noojd- Guitar/Vocals, Kyle Pitcher - Bass, Fredrik Kall – Drums
Fire Foretold builds and builds like a storm, slow and steady with a stoner rock style riff and gruff vocals. Emerald Eyes has slow, distorted bass and a heavy drum beat with lots of feedback. The Ice Lord takes you to a time and place of unknown origin but definitely back in dark history. Release The Lava ends this Sabbath doom metal fest with more excellent stoner rock.  

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