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The Wrong Way to Learn Spanish Language

By Tlb

From the very beginning, this site has always been giving tips and guidelines in letting learners learn foreign languages effectively. When it comes to learning methods, this site has also been giving insights as to what are the latest and the most effective ways in letting learners acquire the language easier.


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All through the blogs posted for the past days, we’ve been implementing the proper ways of learning foreign languages, especially when one is interested to learn Spanish language. But as I browse on the updated methods of acquiring the language, I have found out that there is actually a wrong way to do it. Is that so?


According to Wikibooks, there is. The wrong way to learn Spanish is actually a methods applied outside the standard methods of academia. When learners tend to focus learning on doing it, it is actually considered the wrong way. The method has a textbook, if anyone wants to pursue it; however, it is used as a guide rather than the main teaching method.


Allow me to quote what the source of this article is stating: “Most learning in The Wrong Way to Learn Spanish method takes the form of games and entertainment : trivia, live game shows played by the student, role-playing, jokes, and stories. Because it’s made based on fun-filled mnemonics, learning Spanish in this way would be the same as a kid who is just having a good time, while building up one’s knowledge on the Spanish vocabulary.”


Do you personally agree with this?


One of the lessons tackled in this topic is its First Six Words. Such words are enlisted below:


  • Zorro means fox. (zorro).

Imagine a fox in a zorro mask.

  • Gato means cat. (Gah-toh).

Imagine a cat with big gaps between his toes.


  • Perro means dog. (Peh-roh).

Imagine a dog jumping over a pair of rowboats.


  • Oso means bear. (oh-so)

Imagine spotting a huge bear looking at you, and running away because it is ‘oh-so big.’


  • Camarera means waitress. (kama-reh-rah)

Imagine a waitress at a restaurant offering to take a picture with your camera as you hang out with your friends.


  • Chico means boy. (Chee-ko)

Think “It would be a Chick (i.e. female), but it isn’t, because it has an o on the end, which makes it masculine, ergo, a guy, or boy.”


So in order for you not to get confused if the learning methods are right or wrong, the safest way to do is to choose language schools as your options. You will be assured that you will never get wrong with it.

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