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The World’s Top 10 Game of Thrones Party Food Ideas

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Be it at the start, middle or indeed the end of the series why not get some friends together for a viewing party! You will all enjoy talking to other fans of the show and watching it together as a communal thing. And if you just so happen to make some rather tasty Game of Thrones themed food then so be it! I am just here to help… 

The World’s Top 10 Game of Thrones Party Food Ideas


10 – Flaky Pastry Bites

In the book “A Clash of Kings” It says Aggo gave an urchin a copper for a skewer of honey-roasted mice and nibbled them as he rode. Now obviously doing that in real life would not be half as tasty as these flaky pastry ones are. But I might have tried them anyway!

9 – Pie

Like many other of the food ideas you will see here this is taken from the book “A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook” and a worth book it is indeed. With many, many great meal ideas like the amazing beef and bacon pie.

8 – Cream Tarts

Maester Toman says “If you did not eat so many creamcakes Teora, you would not have such dreams. Rich foods are not for girls” and that is where this medieval recipe comes into it. But even by today’s standards they look super tasty!

7 – Honey Fingers

It was Daenerys that once told Ser Jorah she especially remembered the taste of the honeyfinger cakes of Tyrosh when she was a little girl in the Free Cities. Well based on the style and books comes this recipe and making guide available in the image link.

6 – Lemon Cakes

Unlike most of these food ideas, this really is a the original recipe idea published by HBO! The lemon cake is mentioned throughout the books so you really can eat the food the of the kings and knights. Full step by step making guide and recipe in the image link.

5 – Cookies

While it is a little bit late for Easter this year, these dragon egg cookies would go down a real treat. While they are difficult to make there is a full making guide in the image link if you fancy having a go.

4 – Cake Pops

This is a little bit too scary to be in my post “Top 10 Cake Pops” but these decapitated heads of Ned Stark in the form of cake pops are perfect for this post. In fact I think they are really, really tasty, but I won’t be losing my head over them.

3 – Beef and Onion Stew

A “bowl o’ brown” is what Arya eats while surviving in Flea Bottom on her own after Eddard is arrested. Obviously that is taken from a fictional series, but this mashed up recipe still sounds tasty and most probably exactly what the writers were thinking about at the time.

2 – White Peach Tarts

Just like the Dornish ladies, these tarts are extra spicy, and also very tasty looking. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne peppers. Sure to make any viewing party one to remember, and the viewers coming back for more.

1 –  Pork and Apple

This amazing meal idea taken from the Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook comes this mouthwatering meal idea. King Robert would be very happy with this indeed and as I am sure would his knights as well.  Full recipe and making guide in the image link.

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