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the Work of the Righteous is Done by Others

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I somehow missed this story until today, and I am having a hard time finding good and reliable information about it.
Every year in honor of Tu B'Shvat the State of Israel, and KKL, goes on a planting binge around the country. This year it seems that the RAAM party, headed by Mansour Abbas and a member of the government coalition, expressed opposition to planting trees in the Bedouin corridor down south, saying it damages the land and the livelihood of the Arabs in the area.
Some reports say that the Bennett government capitulated to the threats and demands and canceled the planting events in the area. Other reports say the planting is set to continue and was only paused for a couple of days but has been restarted. And other reports say that the planting was actually stopped by the Netanyahu government in December 2020 when Amir Peretz was appointed to be in charge of the development of the area.
The Likud has jumped on the issue and Likud MKs went south yesterday for a planting ceremony to protest the Bennett government, in addition to sharp criticism leveled at Bennett for caving in to Abbas.
And MK Uri Maklev (UTJ) then criticized his political partners for this form of protest. Maklev protested saying that violating the Shmitta is out of bounds even in the name of protesting the Bennett government.
Perhaps the real reason the Arabs were opposed to the planting is because of it being a shmitta year! As they say, the work of the righteous is done by other people - צדיקים מלאכתם נעשית יל ידי אחרים.
I dont know how far south they were though, as a good portion of the south is not even considered halachically Eretz Yisrael. It is possible they did not even violate the shmitta in the process!
the work of the righteous is done by others
the work of the righteous is done by others
the work of the righteous is done by others
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