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The Women of the Wall Chabadniks

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I apologize in advance to Chabadniks who might be offended by my adding that description to the Women of the Wall....
Chabadniks are known for a lot of things. The thing they are probably known most for (and if not most it is surely pretty close to the top) is being tefillin missionaries. Wherever a Chabadnik might find himself he will walk around asking people if they are Jewish and if they have put on tefillin already that day or not - and if not, they will offer assistance in doing so.
The Women of the Wall Chabadniks
The Women of the Wall, fresh off their victory in obtaining a compromise in which they are designated a section for egalitarian prayer along the Kotel are moving on to their next project..
The Women of the Wall have announced on their Facebook page that they will be hosting an event this coming Sunday morning at the Kotel in the women's section for people to join them and learn about the mitzvah of tefillin. There will be new sets of tefillin available for women (of all ages) who wish to learn and use them.
This seems to be in the regular women's section, rather than in the newly designated area. Perhaps the new section is not yet ready and available for them.
The next step is going to see them walking around the area offering women to put on tefillin as they walk by.
So, sorry Chabadniks, but it looks like the Women of the Wall might be moving in on your territory...
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