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The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids

By Itellyouastory

There was once  upon a time  an old goat  who had seven  little kids,and loved them with all  the love of  a mother for her  children. Oneday  she wanted to go into the forest and fetch some food. So she calledall  seven to her and said: «Dear children, I have to go into theforest, be on  your guard against the wolf; if he comes in, he willdevour you all—skin, hair, and everything. The wretch often disguiseshimself, but you will know  him at once by  his rough  voice and  hisblack  feet.» The  kids said:  «Dear mother, we will take good care ofourselves; you may go away without  any anxiety.» Then the old onebleated, and went on her way with an easy mind.

It was not long before someone knocked at the house-door and called:«Open the door, dear children;  your mother is here,  and has broughtsomething back with her for each of you.» But  the little kids knew thatit was  the wolf, by the rough voice.  «We will not open  the door,’cried they,  «you are not our  mother. She has  a soft,  pleasant voice,but  your voice  is rough; you are  the wolf!» Then  the wolf  went awayto  a shopkeeper  and bought himself a great  lump of chalk,  ate thisand  made his voice  soft with it. Then he came back, knocked at thedoor of the house, and  called: «Open the  door,  dear children,  yourmother  is here  and  has  brought something back with her for each ofyou.» But the wolf had laid his  black paws against the window, and thechildren saw them and cried: «We will not open the door, our mother hasnot black feet like you: you are the  wolf!» Then the wolf  ran to abaker and said:  «I have hurt  my feet, rub  some dough over them forme.» And when  the baker had rubbed his feet over,  he ran to the millerand said: «Strew  some white meal over my feet for  me.» The millerthought to  himself: «The wolf wants  to deceive someone,»  and refused;but the wolf said:  «If you will not do  it, I will devour  you.» Thenthe miller was afraid, and made  his paws white for him. Truly,  this isthe way of mankind.


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