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The 'winning' Outfit

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy
After yesterday's post in which I told you I won a big price with my outfit, a few of you were curious of what I was wearing that day..The 'winning' outfit
The 'winning' outfitThe 'winning' outfitJumper   /   WarehouseDenim Shirt   /   H&MLeather trousers   /   New YorkerChoker   /   H&MBracelet   /   ASOSShoes   /   Converse (not shown, just my black chucks).
I wasn't going to post that outfit since I didn't have a photographer that day so all I made were these 3 detail shots. But since I got such sweet reactions I decided to show you anyway.This was the outfit I was wearing when I won the 500 euros of shopping money.I do have to admit, I went to the Styleguide launch in Arnhem, not in Amsterdam, and I think that if I had gone in Amsterdam, I wouldn't have won. I also wouldn't say it's my best outfit ever, but I guess Danie Bles was looking for girls who were mixing brands and styles or colors of fabrics, and that's kind of what I did with this outfit.But I did, and I was super excited! Yesterday I went shopping with the BF right away, and let's just say, there's nothing left of the shopping money I won!What I got? I'll show you tomorrow..

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