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The Willow-Wren And The Bear

By Itellyouastory

Once in summer-time the bear and the wolf were walking in the forest,and the bear heard a bird singing so beautifully that he said: «Brotherwolf, what bird is it that sings so well?» «That is the King of birds,’said the wolf, «before  whom  we  must bow  down.»  In  reality thebird  was  the willow-wren. «If that’s the case,» said the bear, «Ishould very much like to see his royal palace; come, take  me thither.’«That is not done  quite as you seem  to think,»  said the  wolf; «youmust wait  until the  Queen comes,» Soon afterwards, the Queen arrivedwith some food in her beak, and the lord King came too, and they beganto feed their young ones. The  bear would have liked to go at once, butthe wolf held him back by the  sleeve, and said: «No, you must waituntil the lord and lady Queen have gone  away again.» So they tookstock of the  hole where the  nest lay, and  trotted away. The  bear,however,  could not  rest  until he  had seen  the  royal palace, andwhen a short time had  passed, went to it again. The King  and Queen hadjust flown out, so he peeped  in and saw five or six young  ones lyingthere. «Is that the royal palace?» cried the bear; «it is a wretchedpalace, and you are not  King’s children, you are disreputablechildren!» When the  young  wrens  heard  that,  they  were  frightfullyangry,  and screamed: «No, that we are not!  Our parents are honestpeople! Bear,  you will have to pay for that!»


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