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The Wig Book 2 - New School and Other Stuff by Renata Suerth

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Gpangel @gpangel1
The Wig: New School & Other Stuff (Book 2)The Wig: New School & Other Stuff by Renata Suerth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Wig by Renata Suerth is a self published 2013 release. This book is targeted for the middle grade reader.
Sofia and her younger sister, Izzy is living with their grandmother, Ursula while their parents are away. Sofia is mortified when her grandmother waits until the last minute to purchase school supplies. By that time all the good stuff was gone. So, in need of a book bag, they wind up in a second hand store where grandma Ursula buys a new wig and a rather unique book bag for Sofia.
So starts Sofia's new year in a new school.
Grandma Ursula seems a little out of practice when it comes to raising kids. She is totally clueless about the embarrassment poor Sofia has endured and the difficulty in adjusting to her new environment. Izzy on the other hand is doing quite well, and Sofia is a little resentful. On top of all this Sofia has a crush on her neighbor, Andrew. The angst that goes along with this new feeling is also a little stressful.
Hilarity ensues when Sofia is the victim of her sister's pranks, and her other grandmother announces she is going to remarry. Grandma Ursula is in charge of planning the reception if that gives you any idea which way things are about to go.
I was approached by the author to review this book for her and I must admit I was a little hesitant. I haven't read middle grade books since I was in middle grade, and I promise you that was a really loooonnng time ago. I didn't know if I would be able to critique this type of book.
Once I started reading it though, I found that there are some things that never change. As a child, my family moved around a great deal and I started new schools a lot. This brought back memories of the nervousness one feels when starting a new school and facing new people. I actually pulled the bathroom stunt once myself.
Sofia is at that awkward age where she is not a child any longer, but is not a teenage either. It's like having one foot on either side of the fence. Sofia is now aware of her appearance a little more, and a little anxious about the changes she is about to go through.
She is smart as a whip, and actually has a good sense of humor despite going through some horrendously embarrassing moments.
She also is put in the position of being the adult in the family as her grandmother is utterly inept.
I have no idea what the set up was with Sophia's parents and why she came to live with her grandmother in the first place, but this situation has Sophia growing up and taking on responsibilities beyond her years.
The lessons for readers of this book are plenty. I think middle grade readers will relate to Sophia on many levels and will be entertained by all the antics of grandma Ursula and Izzy. There are many laugh out loud moments. We all face difficult situations and everyone gets nervous and feels awkward at times. Dealing with those times with as much determination as Sofia did, sets a good example.
This is a good solid A.
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