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The Whole of Runescape Inside Minecraft!

By Boxmash

The world of Runescape is pretty massive. I’ve you’ve not played Runescape, it’s a big fantasy MMO game with a huge world to explore. And that world has been rebuilt by a group of fans in blocky Minecraft form.


The team, called Podcrash, have spent three years working on the Runescape Minecraft map, and it’s still not finished! Many of Runescape’s towns, cities, and countryside has been finished and built by hand with amazing detail, but there are still a few more places to build.

If you play Runescape, you’ll know that the world map changed a bit this year. This Minecraft map is a mix-up of both the old and new maps, combining the best of both to make the ultimate Runescape map.


The map isn’t ready just yet, so you can’t download it at the moment. But take a look at these great screenshots to see what awaits you when it’s finished. For more Minecraft creations like this, check out our brilliantly blocky Minecraft channel.

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