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‘The White Queen’ on STARZ (Episode 2)

By Kena @campchic

Oh wee! We are moving fast in episode 2. This week’s episode covered the first three years of the York King’s reign. Lady Elizabeth Grey has been crowned Queen, its official! She has successfully given birth to 3 heirs, all girls. Her marriage to King Edward is sweeter than ever and she is beginning to become a bit more comfortable ruling along side her husband. All appears to be a little too perfect. Cue the unrest – Prince George has married Isabelle (Warwick’s daughter) against the Kings orders. And now the fighting has begun between King Edward and Lord Warwick. Lord Warwick and Prince George have staged an uprising to unseat King Edward, the rightful King. Things got really ugly once Queen Elizabeth’s father and brother are captured in battled and beheaded without a trial. King Edward has also been captured and sits in the tower as Warwick’s prisoner. Queen Elizabeth is devastated by the death of her father and brother, and vows to seek revenge against Prince George and Warwick. Now this is what I call major family drama. Until next week when Episode 3 airs. Who else is obsessed with ‘The White Queen.”

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