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The Whistleblower Agenda - the Whistleblower War - the Whistleblower Deception

Posted on the 25 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
THE WHISTLEBLOWER AGENDA - THE WHISTLEBLOWER WAR - THE WHISTLEBLOWER DECEPTIONwhen something looks "too good to be true" it normally is. When did you forget that, and what am I talking about?
This could be the most wonderful, most convoluted and most complex of the barage of Contemporary Psy-ops against You The People.
And (a conspiracy nut like me) why do I say this?
Well, I mentioned this (in anger) in ADDENDUM 3: of yesterday's (severely cracked mirror of) Project Camelot's "Stew Webb interview" post. And there might even be 'some truth' buried within the (I'm sure genuine) testimony of many of the revealed 'whistleblowers', all of them. But one things sticks out in all their testimony, they all seem to go mental.
And by this I mean, they let themselves and their blown whistle down. They have personal preferences, and these are reflected in the EXTRA INFORMATION they share along with the sound of their blown whistle. They plump for ESOTERIC EMBELLISHMENTS to their dirty-hands revelations. You hear terms like UFOs or GATES TO MARS or UNIFIED SPIRITUAL CONNECTEDNESS or simple stuff like BENDING A BEAM OF LIGHT spilling from their mouths, in all earnestness. They say little things or reveal tantalising heresay that should be SENDING UP RED FLAGS for You The Believer, You The Misdirected, You The Corporate Slave. Whistleblowers can't seem to help themselves, the lure is too delicious.
"Look over here!" spits the whistleblower, a distraction technique that's as old as MAGICAL DECEPTION itself, the professional mind thief pulls the coin from behind your ear; steals your wrist watch. It's all in the aikido/origami-like tactical sleight of hand where the enemy is distracted or off-balanced so that you can do your best to fall into the trap.
There's an implicit FISHED-IN-NESS to the whole schtick of the Whistleblower Operative, and it might be intentional on most of their parts, and their handlers KNOW THIS. Whistleblowers are just people, are just PATTERN FINDERS, and mostly AMATEURS at the level of deception they appear to be revealing. In espionage terms, I bet whistleblowers are known as a SAFE BET - and if they're not, eliminate. Your common-or-garden whistleblower, though his intention may be nothing but benevolent, seems to have had this 'internal dialogue' prior to blowing the whistle, or even during subsequent whistleblowing sessions, to try to justify or otherwise convince themselves that their sacrifice is WORTHY, that  the revelations they are sharing from their cropped-off-closet in the compartmentalised NEED TO KNOW game have BASIS.
But NO ONE REALLY KNOWS. No one really has BASIS. This is the clear & present danger of even LEGITIMATE whistleblowers, they don't really know.
By comparison, those PSYCHOPATHS who've been interviewed for senior posts in the GCG or Global Control Grid (those who actually know what's going on at that level) are far too compromised or fat too brutally ruthlessly insanely perfect for their jobs they will NEVER spill their guts. Why should they?  That would be even more insane.
Believe me, I'm a fiction writer; I know how the narrative mind game works.

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