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The Whistleblower

Posted on the 03 September 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy

The WhistleblowerKathryn Bolkovac was a police officer in Lincoln, Nebraska who lost custody of her children and saw her career hitting a dead end, so she decided to take a job a peacekeeper in postwar Bosnia. The job was only for six months and paid extremely well but while over there, Kathy discovers a ruthless sex trade in which local officials and even fellow peacekeeping officials are involved. When she tries to report the travesties, she finds her efforts being blocked at every turn, as the U.N. wishes to keep this horrendous affair under wraps. "The Whistleblower" moves from scene to scene too quickly at first and doesn't create a sense of urgency for its subject. Soon, as the heart of the story is uncovered, the movie begins to slow down and give weight to its material. Despite the mishandled first half, Rachel Weisz towers throughout the film in an incredibly subdued performance. This role just cries out for histrionics and overacting, but Weisz puts on the brakes and reserves the dramatics for the most crucial scenes. The result is providing complete believability that her character is a law enforcement professional. "The Whistleblower" is a hit and miss drama that covers a very dark issue and is given merit by the incredible performance of Rachel Weisz.

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