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The Wedding Dress- Neckline

By Innstilettos

The Wedding Dress- Neckline
Your wedding dress will probably be the single most important article of clothing you will ever purchase.  Don't think for a minute that it doesn't come with a lot of excitement and a bit of stress.  But as they say, there is a man out there for every women.  This is also true of dresses. 
There are four major components to choosing the wedding dress of your dreams...the neckline, the bodice, the train and the color.  This blog will address the many necklines you can choose from depending on your style, body type, and your likes. 
There are nine standard necklines to choose but don't let that have you start panicking.  There will be some you will be able to eliminate right from the start depending on your chest size or modesty level.
The Wedding Dress- Neckline  This gorgeous dress from shows the beauty of the square neckline.  The top of the dress cuts straight across the neckline.
The Wedding Dress- stunning scoop line dress is delicate and feminine and much like the square but rounded at the corners with the thicker straps.  The Wedding Dress- Neckline  Perhaps the most popular neckline of all the wedding dresses is the sweetheart cut.  The neckline mimics the top of a heart and is young, innocent and crisp looking.  This dress by offers all of that and more.  The Wedding Dress- Neckline  As you can see, spared nothing in the sexy factor with this dress.  The plunging neckline shows all the right curves making this dress a complete knockout.  Keep in mind that this is a dress for a girl with cleavage.  Don't try to accentuate what is not there.  The Wedding Dress- Neckline Probably one of the less popular necklines, I think the one shoulder is a perfect dress for a beach wedding.  It is soft and yet sexy. offers this stunner and it works for most body types.  The strapless wedding gown is another very popular style and should be worn by those who are not overly endowed on the top part of their body.  Cutting across the breasts can sometimes make things appear bigger than they are and of course that is only good when you are talking about diamond rings.  The Wedding Dress-  The high neck is often found in vintage dresses from the Victorian era where a bride would be showing the least amount of flesh as possible.  It is a much more formal look but for those of you that have your heart set on vintage from that timeline you will mostly have this neckline to choose.  This is a perfect example from The Wedding Dress- Neckline  The bateau or boat neckline is the perfect choice for a day wedding or if flash is not necessarily your thing. It is simple and sweet. Filling the dance card of less is more, this dress offers simple elegance.  You can see this gown by is nothing but jaw dropping in its elegance and I must say I really love the Grace Kelly feel. The Wedding Dress- Neckline  The Queen Ann neckline can be best described by looking at the picture by  The neckline has an unusual neckline cut which is interesting and different for someone who is looking to wear something a little different.  The Wedding Dress- Neckline  You will certainly find wedding dresses with necklines varying from those listed here.  They are usually designer inspired taking two popular necklines and combining them into one.  The best advice I can give before venturing out to shop for your big day is go through some of the magazines and get a feel for what you like.  Take those pictures with you when looking for the gown but don't be opposed to trying on other styles that the dress shop owner or helper may pick.  This is their profession and will often know what looks best on certain body types.  My daughter's dress was a complete surprise as it is a little lower cut that she would have chosen for herself but when she put it on she turned into a princess.  Best of Wishes.  Please send me pictures that we can include in our blog.  We love to spotlight our readers.  Kisses,  Deborah        

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