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The Way Gun-Rights Activists Keep Pushing the Boundary

Posted on the 06 April 2012 by Mikeb302000
The LA Times reports
A federal appeals court on Wednesday ordered the owners of a gun show business and Alameda County authorities who have banned weapons from public property to mediate their 13-year-long dispute over whether the county's policy deprives citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights.
Lawyers for Russell and Ann Sallie Nordyke argued two weeks ago before the full U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that the county's 1999 ordinance banning weapons even at gun shows traditionally held at the county fairgrounds stripped them of a fundamental right and exceeded the U.S. Supreme Court's definition of reasonable restrictions on guns in the interest of public safety.
The agreement was, after the so-called pro-gun victories in Heller and McDonald, that guns for individual use IN THE HOME were protected. That's what we all agreed on. The gun-rights folks called it a victory, the con-control people laughed.
Now, in lower courts they're trying to expand that definition, with some success all across the country.
There is a tone of desperation in all this, though. At the same time they're trying to pass these boundary-pushing laws through, they're all heeding La Pierre's warning about Obama's second term. Just look at gun sales.
It would be all fun and games it it weren't so serious. Every once in a while a report comes through of someone saving the day with a truly legitimate DGU, while EVERY day there are lists and lists of gun accidents and misuse of firearms, many of which result in the loss of life.
Although I don't believe in Wayne La Pierre's sincerity, I think he's similar to a carny hustler, greedy for his own enrichment, but for once I hope he's right. The panic among gun owners will be palpable in the air.
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