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The Volume of Malware Attacks on Cellphones

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Hackers are constantly trying to gain access to your personal information. They discovered during the early days of personal computing that infiltrating a system offered a treasure trove of potential monetary gains. Once a person can view your documents, they can steal your identity and use your financial information. As technology has advanced, hackers have adapted. Nowadays, they target smart devices. Phones and tablets offer better intrinsic security than laptops and desktops, but they’re not impervious to focused attempts from digital predators. Malicious software can do just as much damage to your phone as to your computer.

Worst of all, the odds are increasing that you’ll become a hacking target. The volume of malware attacks on cell phones increased 75 percent from 2013 to 2014. In order to avoid becoming a victim, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the five most common forms of potential vulnerability. Ransomware is the most aggressive kind. Hackers lock up your system and refuse to provide you access unless you meet their demands, which are usually financial. Spyware installs apps that will provide the hacker with advertising revenue by forcing your browser to navigate to certain pages.

Pop-ups are the third form of malware. These programs entice you to interact with software you might not realize is dangerous. Clicking on the wrong one can install additional malicious programming on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or any other smartphone, making the problem dangerously recursive. Infected apps, the fourth vulnerability, can steal your passwords and other personal information. The fifth one, the power off hijack, will make you believe your phone is off, when in reality, hackers are in control of your device.

People who suffer from malicious software attacks still have solutions available. Take a look at the attached infographic to learn the ways to remove malware from your smart phone.

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