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The Very First Mood-board!

By Janemow @janemow

Here’s a bit of a trip down memory lane! I dug this baby out of the storage the other day. This is my very first Design mood board. It was part of a design brief I had put together as part of my portfolio, applying for Design school. The collection I designed was inspired by these boots I once had. They were flat knee-high black leather boots. I was putting them on one morning and they reminded me so much of an equestrian. And there it was, my concept for a collection was born.

The very first mood-board!

It’s AMAZING looking back at this makes me realize Design school has taught me a lot. These days my mood boards are filled with textures, color swatches, tones, fabric, doodles of sketches, and more abstract photos. This moodboard makes me appreciate the gift and talent I have. I was able to pull together images that responded to my concept and had successfully come up with drawings of a collection to submit to my panel of interviewers. 3yrs later SUCCESS!!

The very first mood-board!

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