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The Vdara Las Vegas

By Remielund @remsluxuryblog

shots 300x297 The Vdara Las Vegas

Say hello to the ultimate in modern luxury. Stretching out on a sun lounger, sipping a cocktail and soaking up the glamour poolside. Who said Vegas had to be seedy? There’s no point in pretending, I’m not used to roughing it and after a ten and a half hour flight with no in flight entertainment (thanks Thomas Cook) I was looking forward to checking into a suite that promised pure luxury. And the Vdara didn’t disappoint. Unlike the other hotels in Vegas, checking in didn’t involve walking through a haze of cigarette smoke with the sound of a thousand fruit machines ringing in your ears. No Elvis lookalikes, no cackling brides or hoards of gamblers. Heaven.

vdara 6 225x300 The Vdara Las Vegas

The view from the Aria Pool…

The Vdara has taken the essence of Vegas and redefined it. Staff float around the lobby effortlessly dealing with demanding guests, Ipads materialise before your very eyes as you are encouraged to take or leave the delights that Vegas has to offer. From the hotel lobby, you are just a hop, skip and a jump away from some of the most fabulous spots on the strip. A cocktail in the Cosmopolitan, champagne breakfast in the Bellagio or shopping in the Aria, all of this and more is on your doorstep. There is nothing better after a night in one of Vegas’ hottest clubs than hot footing it to your own private paradise.

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Room with a view…

The Wynn, The Bellagio, The Venetian The Vdara, just a few of the big hotel names on the Vegas Strip. Wait. The Vdara? Yes, it may be new but it’s giving the biggest hotels on the strip a run for their money. Non smoking, non gaming and Eco friendly. Words that rarely describe a Las Vegas hotel worth its salt right? Read the online description of The Vdara and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s the goody two shoes of Vegas. However, did I mention it is an all suite hotel? Yes, luxury is something that you will find buckets of here and what the brochure doesn’t tell you is if you pick the right room and you can watch the famous Bellagio fountains as you shower! Speaking of bathrooms, the Vdara understands your need for mirror capacity and you will love the sheer amount of space for to get ready in.


531894 455641647848341 2003997919 n 300x300 The Vdara Las Vegas


stuff 300x300 The Vdara Las Vegas

Yes, that is four bottles of shimmer…

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Vegas, picking a great location on the strip is paramount. With so many shiny hotels to choose from, finding a suitable place to stay can be stressful. Luckily, I’ve done all of the ground work for you and here are just a few reasons to choose one of the newest additions to the strip. The Vdara is located next to the Bellagio and is great for those that want to be in the spotlight without feeling overwhelmed by the Vegas party lifestyle.

This isn’t the address for the best pool parties and it doesn’t have a club but stay here and you will still be at the heart of the action. Location matters in Vegas, the less you have to walk in dessert temperatures the better and staying here brings the best of Vegas to your doorstep. With an all suite hotel, no room can be a disappointment and I can assure you that the suites are nothing short of spectacular. Unlike Planet Hollywood and other hotels that have graced the strip since the very beginning, The Vdara isn’t dated, in fact it features contemporary design features and modern amenities.

Breakfast 274x300 The Vdara Las Vegas

Poolside Breakfast…

The pool area is small but perfectly formed boasting cosy cabanas and a beautiful breakfast area. If you are a guest at The Vdara, you automatically have access to the pool at their Sister Hotel The Aria and I can tell you that it is worth a visit. The Aria pool has huge pools and there are always enough beds should you not wish to wake up at 8 to reserve some at The Vdara.

Free parking is available and the luxurious day beds are yours on a first come first served basis. Water is also free around the pool and you can enjoy fabulous food from the bar should you feel peckish. Waiters mill around with frozen pink lemonade shots and you can’t help but feel a little smug at choosing the Vdara as your home away from home. Where’s your favorite place to stay in Vegas? x


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