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The Vampire Diaries Never Disappoints.

Posted on the 13 November 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
The Vampire Diaries never disappoints.I didn't think The Vampire Diaries could get any better. I thought it was inevitable that the show would start to go downhill, as most shows do when they hit the third season. How ecstatically happy I am that my assumptions have been proven wrong. Because surely, a show isn't supposed to be this epic with every new episode. Surely the characters are not meant to become so intriguing and complex that you feel remorse for even the 'bad' ones. And yet - here we stand. Episode 9 of season 3 - in a whirlwind of trouble; where nothing is sane and no one is safe. Titled "Homecoming", this episode brought us originals, original ideas, original plans - and boy, was it a homecoming to remember.
It was the perfect start - Joseph Morgan did the voice over for 'previously on The Vampire Diaries' again and I swooned. The episode began with Mikael's threat hovering over everyone; issuing Stefan to call Klaus and tell him that his father is dead and dagger-ed. Stefan, Elena and Damon have come up with a plan to lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls, and it requires Mikael's 'death' (oh Sebastian Roche - I automatically react with "om nom nom nom" when he appears on screen).
Klaus is dubious (as you would be) and tells Stefan he wants to hear from Rebekah that Mikael is dead, and when she tells him (albeit painfully) that is the pin that tips the scale - Klaus is coming back. Damon makes his witty quips to lighten the mood ("Now, was that easy or what?") while everybody is wondering whether this plan is actually going to work. Mikael seems pretty confident - at least until Rebekah tells him exactly what she thinks - that he turned them into killers and destroyed their family, not Klaus. [sad face]
Bonnie (a bit cute) tries to get Elena to stay away from homecoming, but secretly she is paining over Jeremy. She tells Elena that she can't be mad at Jeremy like she is - and it's true, Elena couldn't know what she's feeling (how awkward is that situation?). Damon and Elena share a sweet bonding moment while making wolfsbane grenades, and Stefan wanders in asking about ties.
"My luck and you'll go and get yourself murdered by the homecoming queen," - oh Rippah, you are sexy. Stefan basically tells Elena that he won't screw the plan up (ha!) but the person with the most humanity will - meaning Elena herself. Tyler is back to being his douche-bag self, and it's a bit irritating (you NEVER tell your girlfriend that you think another girl that she thinks you're crushing on is hot. Fool. Oh, and then telling her you're 'sired' to her - not exactly nice). Hence why I loved Caroline's response so much: "Quit hanging out with Rebekah, the evil blood slut". Seriously, who wouldn't want to marry her? I would.
Elena and Rebekah share some beautiful moments this episode, which is why I was so SHOCKED to see Elena stake her in the back! I cried. Claire Holt looks all wrong as a pasty gray corpse - especially while wearing that super sexy red dress. Elena - you're a bit of a backstabbing bitch (eerily Katherine-like). Not cool Elena, not cool. Of course, Damon is the only one who understands and "keeps it real". We all know that Damon doesn't trust anybody, and he above all else he wants to keep Elena safe. Seeing Elena trust him implicitly - my heart flutters a few million times over.
We jump to homecoming, and Caroline has an adorable tantrum over the gym being flooded out. The party is moved to Tyler's (especially odd), while Matt is given a "back-up date"; to which I am going to be honest about - I did not pick it to be Katherine. That was a pure shocker for me. Tyler tells Stefan "it's not a party, it's a wake" (I knew it was all a bit fishy) and I inwardly cringe (though my heart did start pounding as soon as Joseph Morgan was on the screen). Everyone is keeping Caroline in the dark, and Klaus tells Stefan that he's going to reunite his entire family (interesting, no?). I enjoy snarky Rippah Stefan - standing up to Klaus a lot more than he used to, and bargaining his freedom in order for Klaus to see staked Mikael.
I particularly love scenes with Sebastian Roche, but this one was most enjoyable: Mikael and Damon have a chat about why he drinks vampires (Damon staying true to his usual badass attitude) - and then Mikael wooshes over and drinks Stefan to unconsciousness. Truly an interesting twist - the plan was getting more complex and I liked it. (Damon didn't like Stefan being "drunk" much eep!)
Klaus tells Tyler that there are hybrids everywhere (who spotted Kimberley Drummond? Excited to see her on TVD! :)); and Tyler snaps and vervains Caroline to "save her" (it's kind of a weird way to save her, don't you think Ty? Oh crap, I'm gonna be told to kill her later so I'd better jab a needle in my girl's neck and hoik her off - seriously Ty? You fail at life today).
I should have picked up on the fact that "Elena" wasn't Elena when Klaus showed up in front of her. I found myself staring at Joseph Morgan's mouth in this part, so I had to replay the same bit over and over to fully understand it: "Well I'll get straight to the point then shall I love? People have been after me for a thousand years, and I am always one step ahead. So whatever it is that you're thinking of trying, go for it. Give it your best shot. You won't succeed" (oh how the plot thickens!)
Damon makes a classic Damon entrance by RSVP'ing with a ripped out heart (bye bye doorman hybrid), then he goes and has a biff with Tyler. Annoyingly he tried to stake him, but Bonnie saved the day with her witchy migrain thingy. We realize that Damon has the proper 'originals' stake, and Kim-hybrid tells Klaus that Mikael is here - and all hell breaks loose.
Herein comes the most intense 5 minutes of TVD that I have ever witnessed. Mikael and Klaus face-off, and Klaus threatens Mikael with his juiced-up, I-obey-all-commands hybrids, while Mikael threatens Klaus with killing 'Elena'. Then Mikael tells Klaus he has nobody anymore - and Joseph Morgan cries and my little heart breaks in a million pieces (SO SAD). Then, quick as a flash, Damon tries to stake Klaus but can't quite get it in, and 'Elena' (Katherine) jumps up (shocking everyone) and wolfbane grendades all the hybrids, before Stefan knocks Damon off Klaus (HORROR) and then Klaus stabs Mikael and he burns up in flames and we're all sitting here gasping and going "OMG OMG OMG".
(cue my moment to pause and breathe) Klaus releases Stefan from his compulsion - which is possibly the only good thing that came of the destroyed plan (except that Klaus is still alive and ergo, Joseph Morgan is still in the show, yay). Tyler tries to explain to Caroline that he's happier now because he's not controlled by the full moon - but Caroline can't stay with him now (nooo FORWOOD. Devastation).
We move back to the Salvatore house and Damon is having a mental about the fact that his flawless plan didn't work. So in true Delena-style (<3), Elena grabs his face in her hands (HEART THUDS; ELECTRICITY) and tells him that: "we'll survive this. We always surive". She tells him that they have to let Stefan go - and then Katherine ruins the moment with a phonecall (why are cute moments always interrupted by phone calls? Irks me).
Then - MORE shockers. Stefan is with Katherine, and he tells Katherine that Damon doesn't need to know why the plan went wrong. We find out that by killing Klaus, Damon would have died. Ergo, Stefan chose his love for Damon over his need for Klaus to be dead. I've always believed that Katherine truly loved Stefan and Damon, and she basically confirms that by reiterating it to Stefan. Stefan tells her he can't let all his humanity back in - and amazingly, Katherine looks like the one who will bring it out of him! By - drum roll please - taking REVENGE.
The last few moments are so tense that I was as wound up as a spring: "I wonder Klaus, as someone who's been one step ahead for a thousand years, were you prepared for this?" [dies] and we are left hanging with the horrible hiatus in front of us!
So there you have it! A very long recap but I felt this episode deserved it! What did everyone else think? Were you waving an "I told you so" flag like me when Katherine came back? (that girl won't ever die) Were your hearts thudding when Elena touched Damon's face? Were you irked at Tyler too, and devastated about Forwood? Did Joseph Morgan crying make you cry? What were your favorite moments? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Tweet me @jayneymoo or sound off in the comments below! :)

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