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The Valiant Little Tailor

By Itellyouastory

One summer’s  morning a  little tailor  was sitting  on his  table bythe window; he was in good spirits, and sewed with all his might. Thencame  a peasant woman  down  the street  crying:  «Good jams,  cheap!Good  jams, cheap!» This  rang  pleasantly in  the  tailor’s ears;  hestretched  his delicate head out of  the window, and called:  «Come uphere, dear  woman; here you will get rid of your goods.» The woman cameup the three steps to the tailor with her heavy basket, and he made herunpack all the pots  for him. He inspected  each one,  lifted it  up,put his  nose to  it, and  at length said: «The jam seems to me to begood, so weigh me out four ounces, dear woman, and if it is a quarter ofa pound that is of no  consequence.»

The woman who had hoped to find agood sale, gave him what he desired, but went away quite angry  andgrumbling. «Now, this  jam shall be blessed  by God,» cried the littletailor, «and give me  health and strength’; so  he brought the bread outof the cupboard, cut  himself a piece right  across the loaf and spreadthe jam over  it. «This won’t taste bitter,» said  he, «but I will  justfinish the  jacket before I  take a bite.»  He laid  the bread near him,sewed on, and in his joy, made bigger and bigger stitches. In themeantime the smell  of the sweet jam rose  to where the flies  weresitting in great numbers, and they  were attracted and descended on itin hosts. «Hi!  who invited  you?»  said the  little  tailor, and  drovethe unbidden guests away.


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