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The Undoing Set Design

By Trendoffice @trendoffice
Still thinking about The UndoingAlthough many will say that the real star here isn't Hugh Grant or Nicole Kidman but her wardrobe, I think that Manhattan is a character as much as a backdrop and there are impressive photos and locations. The Undoing Set Design
But I am also very much impressed with the set design and the overall aesthetic of the limited series created by the director Susanne Bier, who says
I went to architectural school before I went to film school, so my involvement is not arbitrary”
And great work by production designer Lester Cohen and set decorator Keri Lederman. The women's team has created an impressive atmosphere of the lavishworld of the Upper East Side.

Kidman and Grant’s cozy townhouseis an actual residence on Fifth Avenue, but with a lot of changes. Like the lush wallpaper covering the walls of  the bedroom - a great backdrop for the exquisite furniture pieces:

The Undoing Set DesignPhoto : HBO

A very expensive home made to look lived-in.The Undoing Set DesignPhoto: Warrick Page

The Undoing Set Design
 The Undoing Set DesignHow do you like the built-in folding-door-style window coverings?
The Undoing Set DesignSally Morrison’s townhouse I was captivated by the sets. And as interior designer I am fascinated with the way the team has succeded not only to make these interiors look so inspiring, but also very true, lived-in... except for the Franklin's home that is colder and a little like a museum. But that was intended to be.The Undoing Set DesignThe Undoing Set Design
Did they inspire you for your own project?

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