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The UN Arms Trade Treaty

Posted on the 26 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
HuffPost published an article outlining the details of the UN Arms Trade Treaty and describing how things are now.
There are currently no international laws or treaties regulating the international sale of conventional weapons. You read that right. There is more international oversight of the sale of bananas and iPods than grenade launchers and AK-47s. As a result, the bullets killing our troops in Afghanistan and the weapons used by warlords to commit genocide in Africa are purchased on the black and gray international weapons markets that thrive in this unregulated environment. Thankfully, all of that is about to change -- at least, we hope.
You'd think there would be universal support for a treaty that will help stem the flow of weapons and ammunition to terrorists, warlords, pirates and dictators -- that would help save American lives and reduce atrocities around the globe. But if so, you haven't met the NRA and Heritage Foundation. Sadly, for these groups, politics and money are more important than protecting our troops, patriotism and moral decency. And in the ATT, they see a way to raise money by telling their base that Obama and the UN are coming to take your guns. 
 They know full well that 1) the ATT charter forbids it from having any impact on domestic gun laws or sales, 2) the Obama Administration has said it would oppose any treaty that threatens the Second Amendment, and 3) no international laws trump our Constitution. But what are facts when money is to be made and political muscles can be flexed?
Why would the NRA pretend that this international agreement would have a direct impact on individual US gun owners when in fact it won't?
Well, I'd guess for the same reason La Pierre keeps telling the members Obama will come after their guns.
These lies instill fear into civilian gun owners and drive NRA membership as well as gun purchases.
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