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The Ultimate Manly List for Staying in Shape at Home

By Dudepins @dudepins

We know staying in shape can be tough if you also have a job (probably one that doesn't make your level of fitness a requirement) and a personal life. But the key to getting anything accomplished is baby steps. If you're overall happy with the way you look now (maybe with a minor adjustment or two to be done), then staying in shape should be easy, as long as you make yourself a little routine. If all you can think about when you hear 'routine' in regards to fitness is a boring set of push-ups, don't worry. We have far more fun things in mind.

1. Jumping rope

The Ultimate Manly List for Staying in Shape at Home

Yes, jumping rope can be quite manly too, in case you're wondering. Nothing manages to tone the muscles on your legs and butt quite as well, not to mention that it's also a good cardio run-up. Last, but not least, a jump rope can also be very fun. Check one out here.

2. Light weights

If all you think about when you hear 'weights' is Pumping Iron and you're not sure you are actually up for it, try to reconsider. If you adjust the weights you work with to something that feels light and casual enough not to be too much bother, you're still doing your body an immense service. Staying in shape will be much more fun after a light snack, we promise.

3. A pull-ups bar

The Ultimate Manly List for Staying in Shape at Home

A bar to help you do pull-ups is easy to install and pretty cheap. As an added plus, you can totally impress both your buddies and your female visitors by displaying one in the doorway between your living and the hallway. This bar on Amazon is a good example, but you can find tons of similar models.

4. A healthy snack

Snacking is important both before and after your mini-workout (as long as you don't end up munching on more than you actually burned off, of course). We suggest any fruit or small handful of nuts you like. Macadamias are particularly great for your muscles, since they're low of cholesterol and high in minerals like zinc and such.

5. A basic roller wheel

Another type of fitness equipment which doesn't occupy much space (we totally understand if you don't want to be one of those guys who turn their house into a gym) and is also an affordable alternative is the classic roller wheel. Check out this one on Amazon, for example. You can just take it out from under the bed whenever you're willing to get your 12 minutes a day of exercise. We promise it's enough for staying in shape and even toning up a bit, as long as the rest of your lifestyle is overall healthy!



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