The Ultimate Guide to Your Wedding Stationery

Posted on the 08 January 2020 by The Wedding Cards Online @theweddingcards

Your wedding invitation is an important way to convey your big news to your friends and relatives. When we think of wedding stationery, we most likely think of wedding invitations. Of course, invitations are the most important part of wedding stationery that you’ve to purchase but you can’t forget other key pieces of your wedding stationery. Choose perfect stationery that sets the level of formality and the right tone for your long-awaited celebration and ceremony. Wedding stationery is important for setting the tone to your big day and provides all the details to your wedding ceremony. Wedding stationery includes all the pieces used on an actual day. The wedding invites are the first glimpse into the theme, styling, and atmosphere of your special day. It’s a great way to get your guests just as excited as you are. Have you ever think to invite your guests to mail? This way of inviting guests is getting popular in wedding stationery trends.

Here’s a guide to every piece to make your wedding stationery shopping experience easier. Scroll down and get the ideas that you’ve to shop to make your day more special.

Save the date

Many couples give to save the date cards before giving their guest’s invitations suites. These save the date cards should send out at least before 5-6months of your wedding date. Are save the date cards are necessary? Many couples are ignoring them. It is not necessary to send save the date cards to your guests but, if you’re doing a destination wedding then it is necessary. It’s a great way to inform officially your guests. If your wedding taking place around holiday then you should send save the date cards to your guests. Save the date cards can be so fun, whimsical and even carefree. Personalized cards are great to leave an amazing and unforgettable impression on your guests.

Wedding invitations

Wedding invites play an important role in everyone’s wedding ceremony. Set a tone of your special day and leave an unforgettable impression on your friends and relatives by inviting them with an adorable invite. Invitations are the first announcement of your wedding and first impression of your ceremony that should be perfect and unique. You have to make sure that your invite includes key details for your guests such as time, date, ceremony and venue. You should send your wedding invitation at least before 2weeks of your wedding day. Use simple and easy wording for your wedding invitation that your guests will understand better. You can also add some custom designs in your invitation for a better look. Add a picture of you and your becoming partner, monogram and seal it with wax for an amazing look that makes your invite eye-catching.

Invitation inserts

There is a lot of information that your guests need to know about your special day. One of the popular inserts of a wedding invite is a reception card that should be half the size of your invite. Other invitation inserts are an inner envelope, response card, venue information, maps and directions, and pew cards. If you are planning your ceremony out of the town then send out accommodations and direction cards. Those give important information regarding your wedding venue, directions and many more things about your wedding venue.

RSVP cards

RSVP cards allow your guests to respond to your wedding invitation easily. It’s a way to ask your guests, are they’ll or won’t attend your special day. This way is great to know how many people come into your wedding that will give you an idea of how many people you have to prepare food. Add some personal words into your wedding invites to ask your guests with a personal touch.

Invitation envelopes

Your wedding invites also needs packaging and its second most important piece of your wedding stationery. The envelope is the one that will be stamped and addressed. It will cover your invite safely. It will have a place where you’ll write the name of your guests. Write the names clearly on the envelopes that your guests can read their names easily. Announce your big day through invitations that are placed into gorgeous envelopes. Choose the envelope that perfectly matches with your invitation.

Ceremony list

It gives your guests an idea about the programs that you have planned for your wedding ceremony. Ceremony programs are one of those wedding details that’s perfect for both function and form. Wedding programs are an important part of wedding invitations that gives all the necessary information to guests. It includes a list of the couple’s parent’s names, officiants and runs of the show. And a list of rituals and thank you from the couple.

Escort and place cards

These are two different things. Escort cards will tell your guests their table number, where they have to sit. And place cards will tell them the chair number which seats at the table. If you have a big plated or wedding dinner then these cards will be helpful for you. It will help most to your guests in finding their table easily.

Menu cards

There are many possibilities to help you enjoy your day with stylish wedding menu cards. It’s a great way to decor every place setting. Create your wedding menu card by personalizing the fonts, colors, and wordings of any style. Your guests are going to want to know what they’re going to eat, so for that time, you have to place some menu cards. Your menu cards can be a lifesaver if any guests have food sensitivities or allergies. Place menu cards to help your guests in getting their favorite food easily.

Thank you cards

It’s time to say thank you to your guests after your wedding ceremony. Thank them for making your celebration special by their presence in your ceremony. Send them to thank you cards for some customized gifts to set a statement.

This is a complete guide to your wedding stationery shopping. we hope this will help you in getting your stationery easily. Keep in touch with us to get more ideas and tips.

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