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The U.K, U.S and Sweden Should Be Ashamed of Themselves!!

By Lauramoodley
Link The U.K, U.S and Sweden should be ashamed of themselves!!

Ive had enough of living under crooked governments, and wish all the luck in the world to Julian Assange in his attempt at acting out his granted Assylum in Equador.

Makes me ashamed to be Brittish at times like this, when my home country want to storm a foreign Embassy to essentally send a POLITICAL activist to the U.S to face the Death Penalty for telling the people the truth. Jailing and/or Killing someone for his politics and for free speech… I cant believe this is happening in the 21st century….oh wait a minute yes I can..I mean its America and Britain we are talking about…The Free World????? What a joke!

Things like this story and Guantanamo Bay make me weep for humanity! 

xoxo LLM

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