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The Twelve Huntsmen

By Itellyouastory

There was once a king’s son who had  a bride whom he loved very much.And when he was sitting beside her and  very happy, news came that hisfather lay sick unto death,  and desired to  see him once  again beforehis  end. Then he said to his beloved:  «I must now go and  leave you, Igive you  a ring as a remembrance of me. When I am king, I will returnand fetch you.» So he  rode  away,  and  when  he  reached  his  father,the  latter  was dangerously ill, and near his death. He  said to him:«Dear son, I  wished to see you once again before my end,  promise me tomarry as I wish,»  and he named a certain king’s daughter who was to behis wife. The son was  in such trouble that he did not think what he wasdoing, and said: «Yes, dear father, your will shall  be done,» andthereupon  the king shut his  eyes, and died.

When therefore the son had been proclaimed king, and the time ofmourning was over, he was forced to keep the promise which he had givenhis father, and caused  the king’s  daughter to  be  asked in  marriage,and  she  was promised to him. His  first betrothed heard of  this, andfretted so  much about his faithfulness that she nearly died. Then herfather said to  her: «Dearest child, why are you so  sad? You shall havewhatsoever you  will.» She thought for a moment and said:  «Dear father,I wish for eleven  girls exactly like myself in face, figure, and size.’The father said: «If it be possible, your desire shall  be fulfilled,’and he  caused a search to  be made in  his whole  kingdom, untileleven young  maidens were  found  who exactly resembled his daughter inface, figure, and size.


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