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The Turnip

By Itellyouastory

There were two brothers who were both  soldiers; the one was rich andthe other poor.  The poor  man thought  he would  try to  betterhimself;  so, pulling off his red coat, he became  a gardener, and dughis ground  well, and sowed turnips.

When the seed came up, there was  one plant bigger than all the rest;and it kept getting larger and larger, and  seemed as if it would nevercease growing; so that it might have been called the prince of turnipsfor there never was such a one seen before, and never will again. Atlast it was  so big that it  filled a cart,  and two oxen  could hardlydraw  it; and  the gardener knew not what in the world to do with it,nor whether it would be a blessing or a curse to him. One day he said tohimself, «What shall I do with it? if I sell it, it will bring no morethan another; and for eating, the little turnips  are better  than this;the  best thing  perhaps is  to carry it and give it to the king as amark of respect.»


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