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The Trouble with Art Is...

By Lauramoodley


Today i have spent several hours on my floor, trying to make what was infact a random design project, seam like some kind of logical process in order to be in with a fighting chance of winning this competition.

This is the thing about art: its bullshit. People like to find meaning and a real thought process behind artistic work, but in fact quite often it all came from a random image that popped into our heads and later we have to try and justify it, and explain our thought process to those who think it is impossible to create without one.

I created that whole collection last year, and given: i did have “inspirations” but nothing that really merged together or gave an order or logic to the work, i just saw an idea in my head or put the pen to the paper and Voila! a collection was born.

Now im spending hours of time, and plenty of cash on materials to create a sketchbook, which will only half way make sense to anybody but me:because THEY* teach us that that is how design is done.

As a high school student, I never once understood how you could fail an ART THEORY exam - plenty of people did, but how is it possible when there is no right or wrong answer? You look at a painting/photo whatever, u identify the technique, the artist, you may talk about social history or the artists personality and then you try to find hiding meaning in there work - and you Get an A if ur good at making up random stories, have a good imagination, can bullshit ur way through life or just have a nutty mind. And you can FAIL if you are too logical to find anything more than a pretty pot of flowers in the painting in front of you: Crazy no?

When will anyone ever just stand up and admit: i created this piece of art, you valued it at Millions of dollars; and yet i was just bored and couldn’t be bothered making my bed. OR i just had a dream about a dress, drew it, made it and now you think im a genius!

No one ever says: well i just thought it up when i was sitting on the toilet, or i imagined it when i was half asleep on the bus home. Is it so hard to comprehend that some people just have good ideas without looking to outside sources for inspiration? - well consciously i mean (u cant suddenly stop the world from entering ur imagination).

Should it mean that i am any less of a designer or artist than anyone else just because there is no story behind my creation? I think we are so jaded, and used to not taking anything at face value that now we struggle to see what is in front of us; without someone guiding our thoughts to see it through there eyes.

*(Who are THEY?The establishment; uni, teachers, judges etc.)

xoxo LLM

P.S i hope no one from the competition find this article, but then again maybe ide win just for being honest???

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