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The Trials And Truths Of A Caulbearer

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

668793_red_carnation_on_table_1I get a lot of people contacting me claiming that they were born with a caul/veil. Of course, everyone is not being honest and there are ways of telling.

A true caulbearer knows another caulbearer. We as caulbearers all have our own different ranges of spiritual abilities, yet the truth will always eventually come out to the forefront.

I do believe certain people who have sought me out for help and I sincerely do have a regard for their circumstance because being born with a caul is a wonderful/beautiful thing.

As caulbearers, we all do have our personal thoughts and/or feelings about our own experiences. People have acknowledged to me that they have felt rejected and misunderstood, and so on.

To give a very short summary of myself, I have naturally been a loner and at the same time a very outgoing person.

I am also a very strong person who has never cared whether or not other people accepted me, or my ways of being, thinking and knowing.

I have much wisdom/knowledge that many others do not understand and that others will try to downplay. There is a whole lot of information that I could share throughout my life as being clairvoyant.

Seeing visions, communicating with spirits, and the many other abilities that I have has always served as a comfort and stability in my life. It is who I am.

So my experience with the caul is a very positive one. My problem is that people have always been very jealous of me and my life.

Caulbearers are often very lucky and prosperous in many ways of their life whether it is through finance, talent, material possessions, relationships etc…

And it can sometimes makes us spiritually vulnerable to those who may try to take our good luck away.

I’ve battled for years with people working all forms of santeria/brujeria on me to cause blockages in my pathways to the great success that I was destined to have.

True caulbearers that are endowed with “specific” purpose and ability will always become targeted by those who are sick, jealous, miserable, and demonic.

Now, I do not care who anyone chooses to follow (may it be the guidance of a particular individual or the spirituality of a particular deity) or how anyone chooses to live their life.

I however will not stay in silence when “spirit” moves me to stand up for the truth by bringing a corruption ( fraudulent or dishonest matter ) out into the forefront.

One thing that I have learned though, is that when I am inspired by “spirit” to reveal a message, or certain other things, not to question it. Especially when I am incisively seeing into the motives and instances of others.

Even when I am not fully aware of every detail right away I know that I can truly trust and go with what I am responsibly instructed to do.

I always find out either rather quickly or within the long run that my guidance was correct and beneficial to my state of existence and the universe as well as to certain others.

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