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The Trial of Tony Blair.

Posted on the 01 September 2011 by Mikeb302000

I have to admit the premise of The Trial of Tony Blair was intriguing, but the execution was a bit of a disappointment.

The fun bit is that this film was made in 2007 and predicts events in the "now" (2010). In particular, the upcoming British General Election, which is indeed looming as I write this. The writers pick Hillary Clinton as being the US president, totally ignoring the possibility of Barack Obama. That was a poor choice on their part since it seemed that Obama was anointed to be leader back in 2004.

Alexander Armstrong playing David Cameron was a treat. I usually think of Armstrong as a comedian (Miller & Armstrong), but he was very good portraying the Tory leader trying to be hip with a group of black youth. Instead, Armstrong's Cameron makes a total twat of himself. Unfortunately, you need to see the show. I can give you an idea by using as an exaple the part where the portrayed Tory leader makes a comment along the lines of "are these the hos and bitches?" to the young black women. Get the point? Alas, the real Cameron isn't that much of a PR disaster.

The problem with this was that the premise of Tony Blair going on trial for war crimes was never really explored. We only see Blair in the prison van on its way to the tribunal. It seemed that this was more about British politics as they have turned out since 2007. So, I felt a bit let down by it.

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