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The Trial of George W. Bush

Posted on the 01 September 2011 by Mikeb302000

I have to admit being surprised to find that there actually were US Media Sources that questioned about why the US was on its relentless course to war with Iraq in the Bush Administration:

Down with Tyranny Points out that: What Bill (Moyers) and his reporting team (Buying the War) found was that with depressing consistency the journalistic whores who had uncritically toed the official regime line, and been wrong every step of the way, were rewarded, while the truly intrepid reporters who somehow managed to see what “nobody could have foreseen” were punished, and may never be forgiven in polite circles for having been right.

So, how can a nation which talks about its “freedom of the press” be so censored? Why aren’t oppposing points of view given more voice in the US MSM? I have a totally different world view from that presented by the US main stream media because I am not listening to their bullshit. In that world, the Tea Parties are a popular movement.

I am wondering how much of US news is real, or as Down with Tyranny says about: “Right-wing “journalism,” where you make up the story and then squeeze quotes out of every con man and phony you know, no matter what you have to pay them.” For example, get people like Gary Kleck and John Lott and publish their discredited crap and call it true. Unfortunately, there are people out there who refuse to question what they are told.

While Opinione is talking about another of my issues with The States, that it doesn’t have a true liberal progressive party and the rightward movement of US Politics, in this post, he does point out the lack of press freedom in the States:

While liberal candidates in Europe talk about freedom in an election, they are generally referring to the personal freedoms individuals should have from a government as opposed to the economic freedom that most liberal and conservative American politicians talk about when referring to freedom. When America is compared to other liberal democracies in the world this statement is strongly supported due to the fact that America is not listed in any top ten category for overall freedom in a country, press freedom for the media, and the overall democracy level of a country. The only rankings that America is in the top five in the world is for military spending (#1) and economic freedom (#3).

I take it that economic freedom means the ability to go bankrupt. Fortunately, there are no work houses.

Anyway, I find it odd that people in the United States have failed to notice that there is no progressive alternative party. The only alternative which is presented is the astroturf Tea Party.

So, it may be a while before the US holds its own version of the Iraq inquiry if we depend on US MSM for them to receive their news because there isn’t room for dissenting opinions in the US.

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