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The Top Side Perspective Car Sketch Tutorial by Luciano Bove

By Luciano

The top side perspective car sketch tutorial by Luciano Bove

Sketch by Luciano Bove

Dear friends,
since I started to make few video tutorial on Youtube for you here my latest one about how to draw quickly a car using the Tip-Up or Top View Perspective.
Why this view? Because with this perspective we can see all side view and also the top view of our design proposal, at the same time we can also understand how the car is in its volume and shapes.
This perspective is one of my favourite, it gives the opportunity to model your car while you draw it. You can make a nice evolution between the front side fender and the engine hood of your car design. You can reason innterms of sections and later in terms of shading them, this way you can see the volume design of your car coming alive. Of course, same thing for the rear part.
Another simple thing which helps a lot you beginners is: the fact that you basically start from a compressed Side View and you turn it into a perspective view. This drawing construction approach helps to make things look and feel easier.
Mastering this technique and perspective opens up incredible drawing scenarios to implement and make our illustration better and less ordinary.
So my advice is to learn how to do it, make it many times and check out also some other designer's drawings done with the same perspective to see how their creativity helped them to make amazing car renderings.

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