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The Top 5 Reasons Promo Products Work!

Posted on the 14 August 2017 by Shurby

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We get this question all the time at Metrovista. Every “good” small business owner wants to know that they’ll get a return on what they spend. The truth is that, although they are an investment, promo products work!

In fact, there is a science behind why that do. YOUR customers are hard-wired to respond positively to your promo products.  Want to know how we know?

In fact, there is a science behind why that do. YOUR customers are hard-wired to respond positively to your promotional products.  Want to know how we know? Read this blog from Sage World that lists 25 shocking facts about promotional products.

Then, consider these 5 reasons why promotional products will work for any business.

1.  They fulfill the “Give and you shall receive” Mantra.

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) did a study that found that 85% of consumers who received a promotional product ultimately did business with the advertiser. Why? It’s just human nature to want to give back to someone who gives to us.

It’s why Influencer Marketing works so well. Yet, promotional products are influencer marketing on a much smaller scale. Take Norah by Earth for example. A natural pet product supplier that caters to dog owners across the U.S., Norah by Earth saw an easy way to meet a need while getting their brand message across.

To advertise their best smelling dog shampoo and dog shampoo for odor, the company sent influencers the items you see above, along with a plastic bag holder in the shape of a bone! It makes a dog owner’s nightly walk around the neighborhood much easier. It’s small. It’s affordable. And it’s very effective.

2.  Promo products demand Attention.

If you are giving things away, people will be attracted to you. For example, if you have a booth at tradeshow and handing out FREE items the word will get around and you will draw in new prospects for you to meet. This is especially true if you create something memorable or unique.

promo products
Take for instance our own promotional calendar for 2017. It’s just a regular old desk calendar. Yet, the bright, eye-catching graphics and inspirational messages make it an instant conversation piece. Sometimes, just investing a little more in design is enough to make your product stand out for months, or even years in some cases.

According to L.J. Market Research, 60% of customers who receive a promotional product keep it for up to two years! Also, 80% of ALL U.S. consumers own a promotional product and 31% of them own bags.

3.  They have more longevity than other marketing efforts.

They have more longevity than other marketing efforts.

How long does it take for someone to delete an email? 5 seconds? 7 seconds? At the most 10? But how long does it take YOU or anyone you know to throw something away? If you’re anything like me, it’s at least 12 months.  (I still have a branded beach mat in the backseat of my car that was given to me last summer –one of these summers I’m going to remember to use it the next time I go to the beach!)

promo products
Our minds are hard-wired to save things. This is especially true if we were given something for free.

Of course, you have to make your product useful in some way. Grocery bags, sunglasses, rain ponchos, flashlights. All of these things are easy to brand and almost impossible to throw away!

And if anyone every does try to get rid of it, usually they give it to someone else. That’s double exposure for you, and you didn’t even have to pay the shipping fees.

4.  They provide repeat exposure.

According to PPAI 73% of those who used the promo product that they had received stated that they used it at least once a week. Many promotional products are items we all use on a daily or weekly basis. This is repeat exposure that leads to greater awareness over time. The more they see your brand, the more they will think of your company. 

Whether they’re thinking of you while they’re walking their dog at night, shielding from the rain on the way to their car or grocery shopping, the effect is the same. Stay top of mind, and you will stay on top of the food chain in your industry.

5.  They create an instant sense of goodwill.

When you reach out to a new prospect or a customer you could improve their perception of your brand.  52% of those who received a promotional product, according to L.J. Market Research, are more likely to think highly of both you and your business.

Get your brand in the hands of your customers today. The impressions that promo products receive increases brand awareness, exposure and sales – for an investment that is pennies on the dollar!

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