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The Top 25 Twitter Applications For Any Business

Posted on the 12 September 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

The Top 25 Twitter Applications For Any Business

Twitter is the hot new social networking site today. Everybody is trying it out and using it for different things. For the business owners out there, you can use Twitter to market your product and introduce them to other people. But as your Twitter account grows, you will have to spend more time on it. The best way to help you maximize your time on Twitter is by using Twitter applications. Here are 25 of the best Twitter apps you can use for your business.

1. Twitoria – This is an application that will allow you to sort through your followers and know which ones are not active anymore. With this application, you can delete inactive users and keep your network updated.

2. Monitter – This Twitter application that tells you what Twitter users are saying about you and your business in a specific area. You will have to put in what keywords you would like to associate to your profile and the area you would like to monitor.

3. Twitter Toolbar – A simple toolbar that gives you easy access to Twitter and its tools. You can also view your stats, your friends’ updates and post yours as well. Different versions are available for both Firefox and IE.

4. StockTwits – This is one of the best Twitter applications for businesses that are into stocks. You can get into a conversation with investors and traders and even follow the market real time. You get recent news about the stock exchange and comments about your own portfolio.

5. HelloTxt – With this application you can update and check your accounts in over 35 different social networking sites including Twitter. This is a great tool for multitasking.

6. Tweepler - Having problems managing your followers? Tweepler will enable you to sort your incoming requests-to-follow. In one screen, you can view the requesting user’s statistics (followers, following, number of tweets) and the last three tweets he or she sent. This will allow you to identify if the profile is legit or just spam. It will also save you the confusion of visiting each user’s page.

7. Bubble Tweet – Say you want to introduce yourself in a short video and you want it to be one of the first things that a visitor will see. Putting your video on the website link provided in your profile may not be ubiquitous enough and of course it will eventually bump off your screen page if you put the link on a tweet. Bubble Tweet will solve that problem by posting your welcome video on a bubble shaped layer that will pop up when a visitor lands on your page. This is probably one of the best twitter apps for video.

8. Twitter Gallery – This Twitter application will allow you to jazz up your profile with different background themes that you can choose from.

9. Twitterfox – If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, this add-on will be a great way to get updates from Twitter. You can also post tweets using this application. Upon installation, a small Twitter icon will be added to the bottom right of your status bar. You have to log in with your details and start receiving tweets from there. No need to refresh or to visit the site directly. It will pop up recent tweets from followers as soon as they come in.

10. Future Tweets – This is one of the best Twitter apps for people who have uncertain schedules. Say you’re not sure if you can log in tomorrow because of a meeting. You can use Future Tweets to pre-schedule a tweet to be released at a certain time and date. You can also make recurring tweets that can be posted daily, monthly or yearly.

11. Twitter Counter – This Twitter application will give you a code for a badge displaying your Twitter account and the number of followers you have. You can post the code on your website to encourage customers to check you out on Twitter.

12. Group Tweet – This works like an email group where pre-approved users of a certain company can access updates that only they can view.

13. TwitPic – This is one of the more popular and best Twitter apps available. It works like a simple picture hosting site that can automatically post a link of the picture you uploaded into your Twitter profile. This is a great way of showing people updates of your company or a new product that you are launching.

14. twtQpon – No customer will resist a freebie. twtQpon is a Twitter application that can create unique coupons for the services or products that you are selling. You can use this application to share the coupons to those following you on Twitter.

15. Tweetbeep – If you want to be in the know about what people are saying about you, Tweetbeep is your bestfriend. It tracks down Twitter conversations that mention your name or your business. You can get the stats via email.

16. Tweetburner – This is another Twitter application used to monitor your account. It tracks your tweets and automatically shortens the links you post and keeps a log of the number of clicks that your tweets get.

17. Twitter Safe – Keep your network of followers safe by creating a backup in case something goes wrong with your list. This is a Twitter application that protects the hard work you’ve spent building relationships with your followers.

18. Splitweet – One of the best Twitter apps for people keeping both an account for business and a personal one. You can manage and update different Twitter accounts from one screen. You can also update your accounts using this application.

19. Twimailer – If you feel that the usual email that Twitter sends does not give enough information about new followers, Twimailer can change that. The notifications sent to you by Twimailer includes not only the follower-following-tweets combo, it also give you their stats and their most recent tweets. You can also follow that person back right on the notification, without having to visit the Twitter page.

20. Twitxr – Enjoy mobility with this Twitter application. You can send real time pictures from a company event or a product launching straight from your mobile phone.

21. Track This – A business that uses a lot of couriers and transfer services will definitely get a lot of help from this Twitter application. This will help you track down packages you sent through UPS, USPS, DHL and even FedEx. Updates are sent by direct message so you know exactly where your package is.

22. CoTweet – Managing your Twitter account does not have to be done by one person alone. With CoTweet, other employees from your company can contribute to the account. Each person can send tweets with their names on them. Great way to show some kind of openness and personality for your company.

23. Tweet Later – This Twitter application is a cocktail of tools that can improve your productivity. You can monitor keywords, mentions, replies, future date tweets and reply to followers.

24. HootSuite – This is one of the best Twitter apps for productivity. You can pre-date your tweets, add multiple profiles and update them across the board.

25. TwitterHawk – You can use this to effectively market your product. This application can automatically send a response to those who mention your pre-defined keywords in an area that you specify.

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