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The Too Much TV Roundup- August 12th

Posted on the 13 August 2022 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

i feel like my brain got erased between yesterday and last night, so this should be an interesting column to start the day.

1) The Orville (Hulu/Disney Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

in Gently Falling Rain, I realized this show needs a fourth season. I don’t know if anyone else did, but I did. Anyway, just when a treaty is about to be signed, shit hits the fan, and Tallaya ends up rearing her angry head again, and suddenly the crew is in danger. I see that they are really trying to make Charlie happen, but considering who went along on this trip, it does kind of feel weird that only Ed and Charlie went with the delegation. What exactly is her job again?

Episode Grade: A

2) Baymax (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description? Yes

Technically, I just watched the first short, but there was nothing wrong with it. Baymax attempted to step in and make sure his patient got some rest, but unfortunately she just kept creeping downstairs to run the restaurant. It was cute enough, and short enough, that it reminds you why you love Baymax without overstaying its welcome or creating a childish plot line.

Episode Grade: B+

3) Man Vs Bee (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

in the same vein, the first episode of Rowan Atkinson’s latest achievement is the same kind of silly he’s been attaching himself to his whole career… just with. More talking. As a caretaker for a place, within just the first short episode, he’s managed to make a hell of a mess all because of a bee. It’s short and fluffy, but it’s probably exactly what you thought it would be.

Episode Grade: B+

4) Evil (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, it looks like our Sister gets her reprieve courtesy of David, who manages to get in the exact argument that wins her a second life. The main plot here was what I love, a mysterious “is it evil?” Plot that involved someone pretending to be a survivor of something they are not. And the other plot was everything I’m starting to hate about the show, as the actual presence of evil erases the question of “is there? Is this?” Season 1 is still the best, though the episodes occasionally remain interesting and offer its cast an opportunity to show range.

Episode Grade: B

5) Virgin River (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Fluffy things keep happening in the fluffy feel good town of Virgin River, where drama is real, and everyone wants sex. I realized in episode 4, Preacher is surprisingly chill most of the time about Christopher’s abduction. They’re even starting to give him a love interest in that martial arts instructor. I really don’t know why I watch this show. or even, how to grade this week after week. It’s easily one of the worst (technically) shows on TV. But, it’s also oddly comforting.

Episode Grade: B

6) The Last Movie Stars (HBo MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

My continued thought is that Ethan Hawke had a great idea, but by pushing the episode count and making it a docuseries it really becomes something for only hardcore Newman/Woodward fans, instead of a tighter 2 hour documentary that could have really reached a wide audience.

Episode Grade: B-

7) Grown-ish (Freeform/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

I’ve hesitated getting into this, not knowing if I wanted to even acknowledge that Season 5 exists. And, this, for me, is a little akin to how I didn’t watch the final season of Lost. I watched maybe the first two episodes, and then pretended like the final season didn’t exist. I’m now doing that with Grown-ish. I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault. I didn’t ruin the show, the show ruined itself. It’s quite noticeable that almost the entire original cast is gone. And we got… Junior. Meanwhile, Aaron traveled the world just to come back and take a tenured track position at Cal U, which brought Zoey back anyway… and I ahve to wonder… if everyone is in the same fucking place, how necessary was it to vanish the entire cast? Because, as much as I love Yarisha Heady, I hated her entire supporting cast (except really Aaron) being gone. Junior is not a fiar trade. And hearing him pick up the inner narration almost makes me wonder how much Zoey will remain on the show, and if Season 6 won’t see her leave in favor of this becoming about Junior’s experience. I think I’m going to get out now.

Rest In Peace Grown-ish. Even though your first 4 seasons don’t ahve audio description, I’d go to bat for them any day of the week. But for me, this show only has four seasons.

Episode Grade: F

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