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The Too Much TV Roundup- 12/01/23

Posted on the 02 December 2023 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

Amazon officially cancelled Riches a year after it debuted on the service. This just pisses me off. That was such a great show. I wish more people had seen it, and I wish Amazon has positioned it with any kind of serious marketing that would have given it a chance. If you want a great 1 season wonder, the cast of Riches does not disappoint, especially if you like your prime time soaps.

1) Sex Education (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: Final Season

I kind of really need O to be called on her bullshit this season. I don’t think her character is without redemption or explanation, but after seeing her pull that Asexual truth bomb on Otis, I just think she’s an attention seeker, while Otis was actually trying to help people, and not gain followers.

Episode Grade: A

2) Lessons In Chemistry (Apple plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: Limited

OK. So, I know it’s adapted from a book, and is feeling the constraints of a limited series, but as a cohesive episode, the second one just doesn’t work for me. We see Brie Larson get raped in the past, the vomit inducing response from her college, which answers why she doesn’t have a Doctorate, and later see her boss blame her for “distracting” her co-researcher, and being the potential reason all the women at the college get fired. (Just the women, because the men need to support their families. Fucking old people.) In the SAME episode, you start up the romance storyline? No. I’m sorry, but no. it doesn’t work like that. You don’t build up the wall, and then also have her boss make that threat, and then try and start this romance up, like she’s trying to play by the rules or something. Then, we never know if this is ever for real or not. These two things cannot be accomplished in the same episode. I think the acting is terrific, and I’m sure future episodes will be fine, but this episode is awfully thought out. But that ending though. That’s definitely a cliffhanger that is almost pointless now in a world of binge watching. The trigger warning at the top of the episode answered one spoiler. I don’t know, I loved the pilot, but this episode is a disaster.

Episode Grade: D

3) Shining Veil (Starz)

English Audio Description?: No

Status: Unknown

I love the weirdness this show always has. How the hell her son got stuck in the wall, perplexes me even more because I don’t have audio description. Once again, Courtney Cox and Greg Kinnear are the reason to watch. they just keep getting better and better.

Episode Grade: Unwatchable

4) Upload (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: Unknown

Luke finds himself suddenly poor, while Nathan has to go get examined to make sure his head doesn’t explode. Fake Nathan meanwhile explores the ground floor, to some hilarious and buggy results.

Episode Grade: A

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