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The Tomato-Pug Challenge

By Dianefergurson
The Tomato-Pug ChallengeI think the biggest challenge to our gardening this year has been Kevin - ever since he discovered the taste of green tomatoes.  The first time I saw him with one he had it in his mouth and was eating it like an apple.  I chased him around the yard and he eventually dropped it.  Over the course of the summer we ended up putting four, yes...four different types of fences in front of the tomato patches.  The only thing that finally worked was when I put a solid board in front of the plants, but then my husband thought it looked ridicules so he took it down and put some other fencing up.
Well, guess that didn't work.
Kevin is an escape artist.  That's the reason we have him - the reason he was lost and rescued.  He can get in and out of anything, so I guess we'll re-think the fence again (or put my board back up).
I went out in the yard a few minutes ago and guess who I found behind the fence in the tomatoes?
The Tomato-Pug ChallengeOh Kevin...
Pugs and tomatoes?  I was assured by my Vet that tomatoes (especially green ones) are not harmful if eaten by dogs...and that's proven to be the case with Kevin.
And what does Buddy have to say about all this?
Buddy wonders why Kevin squanders his efforts on green tomatoes instead of setting his sites a little higher...like on a sandwich!
The Tomato-Pug Challenge

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