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The Tiny House in Provence... By Maggie

By Coreyamaro
"The Guardian's House, now known to us as the Tiny House, stands in a mature, lovely garden surrounded by ancient stone walls and enfolded by a monumental cypress tree. Rosemary bushes, wild thyme, a magnolia, chestnuts and countless woody shrubs that thrive in this climate circle the house, laced with gravel paths and bulb flowers just now poking up through the green.  The villa to which the Tiny House is attached to one side overlooking the mountains and endless greenery. It is more beautiful and though petite, larger, than I ever imagined. When Corey let me in off the street through the large wooden doors opened by a lovely brass key, I was astounded to realize I would live in a totally walled, private garden, unseen by the village for countless years, in a typical Provencal house with ochre walls and pale blue-grey shutters. Entering through the ancient wood door using an 8" iron key of equal vintage, I climbed the stairs to the charming kitchen and sitting room completely decorated in Provencal antiques including old oil paintings, potteries, demijohns and vintage cupboards, a room replete with an ancient peeled log beam. Does it get any better than this?    Corey had taken the time and heart to make the Tiny House truly an inspiration. Antique terra cotta pavers create the floors throughout punctuated by lovely area rugs. As we continued up the perfectly restored stairs to the bedroom and sitting room/bath, the walls were decorated with oil paintings, needlepoint tapestry, paintings on linen cloth, antique French prints, all with age and patina that makes the heart beat very fast indeed! These compliment all the furnishings, most of which are very old and very beautiful.  The bed is dressed in French comforters and pillows in black and white toile, quilts in muted neutrals; the chairs, tables, stands are all vintage, some painted a lovely gray green to harmonize perfectly with the many paintings and other details. It is all beyond charm. It is elegance.    The French say elegance is often the result of restraint, simplicity; Corey gathered the collection over a period of weeks, lovely pieces from her own home, from the owners, from their attic of the big house, and a cellar area as well. She also installed all of it. All details of daily modern living are here as well.    Corey has put heart and soul into this project, one she really created, having talked to the owners, long-time friends of hers over a period of months. I had written to see if she could find me a wee place to live during the winter until late April when I would need to return home, see my children and grandchild,  and tend to my own gardens and house. Voila! This is what she accomplished! I can't find the words to express my joy and contentment, most of all my gratitude. The Tiny House and gardens, the entire landscape of Provence soothe my spirit,  providing both a perfect refuge from my Upstate N.Y,  U.S. frigid winter, and the inspiration to dream, photograph, write, paint, and breathe in the soul of a storied region of France with its classic villages like this one begging for exploration and expression.    By the way, the violets are in bloom! And a river runs by it. There is no snow. I'm in heaven."   Maggie.       The Tiny House in Provence... By Maggie The Tiny House in Provence... By Maggie The Tiny House in Provence... By Maggie The Tiny House in Provence... By Maggie The Tiny House in Provence... By Maggie The Tiny House in Provence... By Maggie  

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