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The Time to Refurbish Student’s English Learning

By Tlb

A learning common

A learning common (Photo credit: Mosborne01 via Wikipedia)

A very intriguing topic was posted recently by the Myanmar Times about English learning and teaching. Intriguing to the extent that it actually hits so hard on English teaching and in needs to be refurbished… it needs to be renovated… it needs to be overhauled!


The last word mentioned above was the definite description of how U Than Pe posted in the article. He said, “It is high time something is done about the deplorable level of English teaching in schools and institutions of higher education.”


Do you believe that the English teaching has been rusting already that it needs to be renewed already? Evaluating yourself, do you think your English really needs improvement? You might say that your English is not really that good at all that’s why you decide to learn language. But the problem according to the said author is the way English is being taught! How can learners efficiently learn English when in fact, the learning in itself is not efficient at all?


“Today’s young graduates produce horrible sentences in English,” strongly stated by U Than Pe. “If there was only one graduate of that caliber then he could be labeled a sloppy student and a fluke but when there are thousands more like him the blame must lie somewhere else. It is clearly a case of systemic failure of the first degree.”


One of the things the author stressed out why students are lacking excellence in English learning is because of the teachers. Oh, it’s always been the teachers. They will always be the one responsible for the rise or fall of a particular concentration. The author said, “English has been taught to the young tots by untrained, fresh graduates. Among these graduates were very few English majors. Those that were, were appointed as senior teachers. Primary kids got graduates who majored in subjects like physics, chemistry, philosophy and other subjects totally unconnected with teaching students of their age.”


I urge you to share your thoughts about this article. Do you agree with what the author screams? Of course, not literally, but he is pertaining something here. Let’s just clear things up since the beginning of this topic has been obviously laying down to you: do you think it is the appointed time already to refurbish or overhaul today’s English teaching already? Feel free to comment.


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