The Three of Us

Posted on the 07 November 2013 by Adistantgardener
The Three of UsI've thought a tame Australian Magpie ( Gymnorhina tibicen ) would be lovely to have, having got to know many wild ones over the years. ( For those who don't know, these birds have one of the most beautiful, enlivening, gurgling songs in the world. )
The Three of UsThis morning this juvenile was found squatting on the driveway, at risk of being run over. I collected it and put it on a limb of the big old gum where its nest is.
However, later in the day it appeared to have been abandoned by its parents and was wandering around lost. Though Zara gleefully chases magpies and leaps up into the air when I feed them, I caught a very touching moment ( but no photo! ) when she was saying hello to this newcomer. 
The Three of UsSo, here we are, the three of in the bedroom, magpie snoozing in a former laundry basket, Zara doing a bit of pacing around, and me regularly supplying freshly-dug worms.

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