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By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
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I do get sent the nicest things, and I'm quite happy to try just about anything anyone wants to send me.  Most times I am not disappointed and others I am ecstatic, especially when it comes down to being sent chocolate goodies, so when I was recently contacted by Prestat and asked would I like to try out their Finest Truffle Advent Calendar, I jumped at the chance!
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Established in 1902, Prestat is one of the oldest chocolate houses in London and every truffle is handmade in Great Britain.  Prestat’s first shop was opened in London by descendants of Louis Dufour, the man who created the world’s first recorded chocolate truffle.  
mmmm . . . truffles, who doesn't love truffles.   I adore them, and I will put my hand up, I had never tasted a Prestat Truffle until afforded this opportunity.
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The packaging is bright and colourful and religious.  I loved that on all counts.  As a person who is always seeking to put the "Christ" into Christmas, the vision of the Three Kings was a plus for me.  It is also very "Adult" looking, and not overly childish, so I immediately saw this as being an Advent Calendar that I would be happy giving to my Adult friends and family.  
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A really neat feature of it is this bit on the back which makes it possible for you to . . . 
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Stand it upright as somewhat of a focal point.  This truly can become a part of your Christmas decor if you so wish it to!  I love the bright colours myself.  
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It contains two of each of twelve different Prestat Truffles.    The names are so enticing . . . Orange and Frankincense . . . Coconut Oasis . . . Pistachio Summer . . . Sicilian Key Lime . . . Ginger Fire, to name but a few.  Each one sounding more delicious than the last.
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The front is filled with 24 easy press open doors, each one embossed by the number of the day, from one to twenty four.  
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Nestled inside a sturdy plastic holder is a sweet delight . . . with it's very own paper case.  Beautifully decorated and looking tastily lush . . . tempting.
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Orange and Frankincense . . . the delicate flavor and warmth of orange, with just a hint of the scent of frankincense, altogether beautifully melded into a creamy rich and velvety smooth filling encased  in a crisp and beautifully decorated chocolate shell.
Sigh . . . it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.
My verdict.  Total bliss. Worth the indulgence.  The perfect pleasure gift for that chocolate lover in your life. With 24 luxury truffles inside, well worth the expense.
Prestat is one of the few British artisan chocolatiers to make all its own chocolates – giving it complete control of recipes and the sourcing of ingredients as well as the opportunity to nurture the traditional skills needed to create its handcrafted chocolates.
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Many thanks to Lucy and Prestat for affording me this most delicious opportunity.  Any and all opinions are my own.

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