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The Things Boys Do

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I've noticed a growing trend in our house and it's definitely a boy thing. No, I'm not talking about the toilet seat; I have my men pretty well trained in that department - at least until I turn my back!
It's this -
The Things Boys Do
Can you see? Why can't they just pick out a t-shirt without rifling through the entire drawer and making the place look like we've been burgled/burglarized. (Don't you just love that American word - burglarized?) I've even offered to put an extra rod in his closet so we can hang his entire collection, but he wants to keep them in drawers. It doesn't help that he couldn't care less about the inevitable creases so there's no incentive to stop rumpling them all up. Sigh...
And now the Little Guy's started doing it. It's not learned behavio(u)r because their bedrooms aren't even on the same floor. It's obviously in the genes. We usually put his clothes out the night before, but every so often we'll choose a t-shirt that is about six sizes too small and he'll go back up in the morning to find another one. By the time I realize what he's doing it's too late to shout an abusive threat up the stairs. Sigh....
The Things Boys Do
For two boys that claim not to really care how they look (at least when I'm trying to get a comb through their hair), they are certainly picky about their t-shirts.

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