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The Sweet – Live In Denmark 1976

By Ripplemusic
 Live in Copenhagen 1976
When Ripple mainman Racer and Tony from Stone Axe/Mos Generator both say an album is worth checking out then that’s all the incentive I need to buy. Especially when it’s a live album from The Sweet, one of the most underrated rock bands of the 70’s. Everyone knows their hits like “Fox On The Run,” “Ballroom Blitz” and “Love Is Like Oxygen” but their kick ass jams like “Sweet F.A.” and “Set Me Free” get no airplay on classic rock radio and are known only by freaks that write free record reviews on blogs for other freaks.
During their heyday an official live album from The Sweet was never released. I’d read articles over the years in Classic Rock magazine about what a great live band they were but had never heard the evidence. Now I have the proof – an hour and fifteen minute rough n ready soundboard tape from Denmark, 1976. If you’re new to the band, don’t bother picking this up. The sound quality will put you off immediately. It’s better than a bootleg but being a soundboard tape the vocals are very high in the mix. If you’ve worn out bout UK and US pressings of Desolation Blvd then get this pronto.
The Sweet made very polished studio records with surprisingly complex arrangements and incredible vocal harmonies. They were able to pull all of it off live and with plenty of gusto. Opening up with a frantic “Ballroom Blitz” the band is in killer form. These guys were amazing musicians! Drummer Mick Tucker was a monster behind the kit and formed an outstanding rhythm section with bassist Steve Priest. Guitarist Andy Scott rips it up and vocalist Brian Connolly really belts it out. Steve’s high pitched backing vocals are definitely too high in the mix but they’re very entertaining.
Even though their crowd was mainly young teenage girls The Sweet put on a very raunchy show, especially on the “Someone Else Will/Blockbuster” medley. No doubt there were some very angry parents in the lobby waiting for their kids after the show. Rumor has it that Mick Tucker’s drum solo was accompanied with X-rated films shown on either side of the stage. That wouldn’t happen at a Jonas Brothers show. You also don’t get high energy rockers like “AC/DC,” “Action,” “Cockroach” or “Set Me Free.” Blazin’!

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