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The Sunbird by @thewilbursmith

By Pamelascott
'You should know of the legend. At a time when the rocks were soft and the air was misty, there was an abomination and an evil in this place which was put down by our ancestors. They placed a death curse upon these hills and commanded that this evil be cleaned from the earth and from the minds of men, forever.' A lost civilisation. A curse reborn.

Dr Ben Kazin has only a blurred photograph and a gut instinct that there is a lost city to uncover somewhere beneath the Botswana cliffs. Soon, a whispered curse and a chance encounter with a local tribe lead him to discover much more than city foundations.

The curse, it seems, is real, and will link Ben, his oldest friend, and the woman they both love with a forgotten leader from two thousand years ago, in a city of glory and honour that subsequently disappeared without a trace. But what happened to that ancient civilisation? And what is it that connects that lost empire to Ben, and the violent dangers he must face in the present day?

An action-packed archaeological adventure from global bestseller Wilbur Smith


It cut across the darkened projection room and exploded silently against the screen - and I did not recognise it. PART 1

(@ZaffreBooks, 1 January 2018, ebook, 625 pages, bought from @AmazonKindle)



I've only read a couple of the author's books and have really loved them. I've added a lot of his titles to my TBR list. I love the blend of myth, fantasy and thriller. His books remind me of the video games Tomb Raider, Uncharted and the like. I mean that as a compliment. This book is split into two parts. Part One deals with events in the present and focuses on Ben's archaeological expedition in Botswana where they uncover a city lost for two thousand years and a trove of evidence that will make his career including thousands of scrolls. They also unleash a darker side of the lost city; a curse that brings death to everyone it touches. Part Two is set two thousand years ago and deals with the events that led to the city being hidden for two thousand years. I loved this book; it's fast-paced, well-written and I really connected with the characters. This is a corker.

The Sunbird by @thewilbursmith

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