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The Sun and Its Reflection in Me

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

The Sun is, the Sun is the Absolute, the Sun is itself in Itself.

The Infinity of That solar orb radiates as All Possibility, the Sun can’t not shine.

It reflects in, upon, and off of the medium of various reflective mediums.

The ocean, the puddle, the moon, the drop, the objects which appear.

Catching hold of that reflection in the mirror of the mind “I am”.

When “I am” I sense that I am a doer of deeds, I as well am an enjoyer of what is “mine”.

In the mind I am the knower, the knowledge, and the known.

I do and enjoy the fruits of my deeds, I am the subject to a universe of objects.

The mind is influenced by movement, tranquility, and inertia.

When I am anxious for objects I move.

When I am overcome by the weight of them I stagnate under their pressure.

But when I am tranquil I am calm like a lake on a windless day.

Then I am a pure mirror.

This pure mirror is the perfect reflection of the Sun’s radiation in the mind.

Turning back from movement and inertia, I concentrate on that perfect stillness.

The objects of the waking world fade like the dream does upon waking.

Here the mind is One, pure, serene.

Time and space fall away, self and other evaporate.

The doer and the enjoyment lose their light; who does? who enjoys?

I rest in the radiance of the self effulgent Light of the Sun.

The mind falls back and is swallowed up in Infinity.

Then there is none other than That which Shines, the Sun, no! The Absolute!

The reflection knows it is the reflection and simultaneously it is not other than the Original.

“I am” turns back on itself and only the Absolute remains and ever was.

All else was but a phantasm, a dream, a mirage, a magic show.

The Sun is, therefore … “I am”.

Homage to the Guru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, homage to Sri Hanumanji, Homage to Shiva.

Om Namah Shivaya

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