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the Summer of Weird Foods

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
If you are going to be celebrating your July 4th holiday by barbecuing some good ole gefilta dogs, you might want to wash them down with a nice refreshing ketchup ice pop for dessert.
It seems as this summer is the summer of weird foods.
Manischewitz announced their fish dog (probably a joke) a couple of weeks ago, and French's has now announced their ketchup popsicles.

Hey Canadian friends, your favorite condiment just got a whole lot cooler đŸ�…đŸ§Š
A refreshingly savoury & sweet ketchup popsicle, made from 100% Canadian tomatoes.
Learn more here:

— French's (@Frenchs) June 20, 2022

the summer of weird foods   goes withthe summer of weird foods
like what goes with what?
The ketchup popsicle seems to be only available in Canada, for now. Maybe the Canadians deserve this.
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